Recycling Used Engine Oil Distillation Plant /Waste Oil to Base Oill Plant /Pyrolysis Oil Distillation Plant (60784600069)

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Recycling  Used Engine Oil Distillation Plant /Waste Oil to Base Oill Plant /Pyrolysis Oil Distillation Plant



BOD Series Dirty Mineral  Oil Distillation System/Black Oil Decoloring System/ Waste Oil Recycle Plant  can produce the base oil from black dirty engine oil, waste lube oil, crude oil, car oil, motor oil, waste plastic oil, and waste rubber oil after through catalytic distillation.



1. Easy to operate, 1 ~ 2 workers can easily operate themachine.

2. Environmentally friendly in the whole operation, no smoke, no odor, without secondary pollution,the whole process is all sealed, won’t release any gas harmful to human and environment,

3. Series BOD System can recycle & distill various dirty black oils including waste engine oil, lube oil,gasoline oil, diesel oil, rubber oil, plastic oil, and other lubricant oil, and convert them to diesel oil andgasoline oil.

4. High quality and quantity of refined oil obtained through output, no any discoloration caused by oxidation,no any bad smelling/ odor.

5. Low operation cost only contains followings:

1) catalyst chemical, cost less than USD 30 to refine one ton of waste oil.

2) Heat energy consumption: 105 kcal per ton of waste oil

3) Power consumption: 40 KW to recycle 1 ton of waste oil

6. With High degree of automation in the whole operation, advanced designing and fabrication technology.

7. Adopt the water circulation method on atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit, very safe. And after

decompression on the whole system, refined oil’s production quantity and quality are increased


8. The whole process is performed without acid and clay .

9. High effective heating system: many heating sources can be used such as natural gas, furnace oil, coal,



It’s easy to produce waste residue and bad smelling by traditional vitriol distilling, which will bring potential secondary pollution.

Moreover, it’s easy to change the color to black and produce the odor due to the recycled oil react with the oxygen.

But after we use the alkaline complex catalyst refines the oil, the recycled oil havn’t change the color and havn’t create the odor.

What’s more important, you can use the resid to be as the fuel to heating the oil, without any pollution. And the machine is easy to operate, only 1-2 workers can control the machine.


 Technical data



 Oil Comparison 


The black oil is the raw material, which input into the BOD waste oil distillation plant; the light yellow oil is the output base oil, outputed after distillation. 


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We are offering practical and functional products with competitive Price!!
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