Meeyi Wireless Calling System Receiver (60785804553)

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Product Overview


 Meeyi Wireless Calling System Receiver

Product Description



Wireless calling system : receiver + transmitters + signal enhancer


useage: the  clients press the button on transmition for their needs, and the message will be sent as the radio signal to Y-48. as soon as the Y-48 get the messge, it will remind the waiter to go for service



  • Use SCM digital encoding technology&learning encoding, can receive the signals from long distance with stable function             
  • High light LED display screen, high definition, and vibration or music chord for choice,
    It can connect up to 50 pagers
  • can display 001-999 numbers and or any 300 groups of letter combinations, and the first letter ie. A B C D E F  H L  P U ;,can queuely save 10 calling records,
  • It can work with single key or multi-key transmitters at the same time, display screen  would show service types, the qty of light display stands for certain type of service (one light:service;two lights:order;three:bill  Bizone warm backup and self-recovery technology,prevent code loss,code mixing.

Techology Parameters:

Working voltage: DC 9V-12V 

 Dynamic working current: <150mAh 

Receiver sensitivity: ≤5mAh 

Speaker output power: 30mW 

Frenquency of the transmitter: 315MHz±75k

Dimension: 420mmx152mmx40mm

calling receiver display.jpg 




Wireless calling system can be used in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, tea house, coffee shops, health clubs, beauty salon, spa center, bars, swimming pool, beach, etc.

 Wireless Calling System For Restaurant

What are the components of the wireless calling system?

1. Wireless receiver, installed on the count  

2. Call button, installed on each table

3. Signal repeater (optional), enhancing the signal


How does the system work?

1. If your customers require service, all they need to do is to press the button sittled on their table to inform the waiters/waitresses.

2. When the customers press the call button on their table, their table number will appear on the reciever with ringing. Waiters /waitresses then head for the table to take the order of the customers promptly and quickly.


What are the benefits of Wireless Calling System?

  • Reducing Staff Costs
  • Enhancing the Dining Experience
  • Greater Front of House Efficiency
  • Increased Revenue


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