15L5L wall mounted stainless steel hot and cold water dispenser

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Product Overview




Main Features

  • Machine can be put on Table-Top or Wall-Mounted
  • High heating power: 2400W.  Hot water is offered continuously.
  • Entire body is made of stainless steel, which is durable and resistant to rust.
  • The hot water faucet comes with a safety lever. It prevents accidental scalding in case children use it carelessly
Benefits of a Digital System
Digital System The heating system is controlled by digital controller Temperature Display via LED Display Constant Temperature When hot water temperature is down to 97℃, the system will heat the water back to 100℃ automatically. Internal Water level Sensor Automatically replenishing water when water is used.
Boiled Water Assurance When there is no power to the machine, water supply is cut off from the machine, thus, users will not drink any unboiled water
Energy Saving When there is no water from input, the power supply to hot and cold systems is automatically cut off
Cutting off the power supply automatically when water source is shortage. Cutting off the water source automatically when power is off. User won’t drink any un-boiled water.


TypeTable top & Wall mounted, Hot water and Cold Water
Dimension WxDxH(cm)44 x (32 or 41 inc faucet) x (60 or 62 inc feet)
PowerHeating: 2400W Cooling: 200W
Water tank capacityHot: 15L Cold:5L
Time to fill and heat water16 minutes







0.01 s.