Высокочастотная силовая триодная трубка 3CX15000A7, вакуумная электронная трубка 3CX15000A7

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Product Overview


RF Power Grid Tube,RF 3CX15000A7 Oscillation Tube,RF Electron Tube

Product Description

 1. We have Japan Toshiba Brand tube and China made Jingguang Tube for customer choose

2. We can provide oscillation tube for 1.5 KW to 300 KW high frequency welding machine

3. PLS inform us the tube model for the quotation

4. The tube with Paper box and delivered by DHL, UPS or Fedex, TNT, EMS.

5. We are professional High frequency welding machine factory in China, we can supply all kinds of accessories for high frequency welder. 


Models For Choose:


E3062E   E3085   E3109   E3069  E3130  E3185 E3050/9T75  E3116   E3132

6T58RA   7T62R    7T84RB  7T85RB  7T69RB

8T20B    8T20RB   8T30A   8T64B  8T64RB  8T69JB  8T30RA

8T85RB   8T25RA    8T25   8T61A   8T72B   8T87B   8T87RB 8T61A    8T72B

9T64B    9T71C  9T94A   9T38A/LD961  9T40   9T83   E3050/9T75

3-500Z   FU-998FA   FU-834FA   FU-998F   FU-501  FU-605  FU606  FU8785F  FU-33/833A/833C

TB5-2500/7092FU/606/6T50    TB4-1250/5867  TB3-750/5867A/TY4-400

6T51    5727    813

3CX800A7  3CX2500H3  3CX2500F3  3CX1500A7 3CX15000H3  3CX3000A7 3CX3000F7

3CW20000H3 3CW30000H7  3CXH10000D3  3CXH1000H3   3CX800A7  3CX4500F3/YU108 YU148

4CX250B   4CX500A   4CX3500A   4CX2000   4CX2000C   4CX5000A   4CX7500A

ITL5-1   ITL12-1    ITL15-2    ITK15-2   CTK15-2

FD-911S    FD-912S   FD-934S   FD-935S   

7F37R   7F71R   8F67R   8F68R   8F76R   9F45

RS3021  RS3150

3CX15000A7 Triode_.jpg3CX15000A7 Tube_.jpg3CX15000A7 Data.jpgoscillation tubes.jpgToshiba Tubes.jpgITL Series.jpg
3CX triode.jpg

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