lot hand warmer knit cover pvc bag bs rubber hot water bottle

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Lot Hand Warmer Knit Cover PVC Bag BS Rubber Hot Water Bottle

-Natural Rubber 

-Manufacture in China

-We are Factory

-Small Order Quantities are Supported

-Natural Rubber 



Keep warm and cosy on those long cold winter nights ,All you need is access to hot water- no electricity heating pads, no microwave- no radiation- all natural relief ! Features: Safe for adults, children, and seniors. Hot Water Bottle with cover, protects from burns. Use her to soothe away aches and pains, warm up your bed or just give you a cosy cuddle on the couch. Moreover, its smooth cover, is comfortable for our skins. Notes: When pouring water into the bottle, you can fill it with two-thirds of its capacity. After filling hot water, please cover the nut, but do not tighten it at first. Then you should squeeze the extra air out of the hot water bottle. At this time, please tighten the nut, but do not over tighten to prevent. After screwing the nut, you should put the bottle upside down, which can make extra water drop and dry it with dry cloth finally.




1.This old fashioned water bag is flexible and can be molded to any part of your body to get the heat exactly where it needs to be to relieve pain and discomfort.
2.Helps relax your tired muscles and tensed shoulders caused by too much stress and intense workout and can also double up as a cold compress for kids with fever or to reduce swelling for minor injuries.
3.Put an end to your monthly cramps as the heat from the water bag helps improve blood flow which eases the menstrual pain for a lighter and relaxed feel.
4.Comes with an elegant knitted water bag cover to prevent the hot rubber from being in direct contact with your skin, plus it has a more classy and personalized look.


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