Scrap Steel Iron & Aluminum Shredding and Recycling Machine used for waste metal copper recycling

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Price:RUB 2,073,276.00 - RUB 15,357,600.00
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Product Overview


1.Product Description


Scrap Steel Iron & Aluminum Shredding and Recycling Machine 



         This kind of machine designed to shred a wide variety of scrap car body, wheel hub, aluminum cans bale. scrap aluminum alloy door and window offal, scrap non-ferrous metal refining, Tin cans, motor or rotor ,household appliances, bike, etc, By smashing and compressing, the shredder will remove impurities, raise density, lower transporting and smelting cost to offer good furnace-charge for smelting plant.


2. Applications

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20131015_08520520131015_085212Radiator Fin

  • Whole or flattened car bodies (without tires, fuel/gas tanks, engines & gear boxes)
     Tin plate material
  •   Electrical appliances (without motor, compressor, axles)
  •  Bicycles & similar materials
  •  Empty tanks (without liquid materials & painting, etc)
  • Other scraps suitable for shredding

3. Features of BN160 Series

  • Noise elimination: this machine adopts advanced noise reduction technology, noise pollution is lower than ordinary metal crusher

  • Dedusting effect: clean the dirt and paint on the raw materials

  • Transportation advantage: it can be equipped with transporter, reduce transportation cost and increase transportation efficiency

4. Technical Parameters 



ModelWidth of Feeding Openning(mm)Main Power (kw)Capacity (t/h)


5.Metal Shredding Machine Processing in The Factory 






6.Packing and Shipping 




7. Contact Information 

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