Commercial Hot And Cold Oil Extraction Oil Press Machine Of Olive Corn Prickly Pear Seed Palm Kernel Sesame Copra Castor Soybean

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Product Overview


Large scale oil press machine

Finished product display

Multi-purpose machine, suitable for peanut, rapeseed, tea seed, flax, cottonseed and sunflower. Squeezing flowers, soybeans, walnuts, sesame and other oils; It not only maintains the nutritional value of oil, but also has pure and fragrant oil taste, which is suitable for the requirements of different places on oil fragrance;
If you have special raw materials to press oil, please consult customer service for details.

Technical parameters

Main motor
Squeezing screw diameter
Squeezing bore diameter

Vacuum pump power

Product introduction

Hot oil press machine
Hot pressing is to steam and fry the oil at high temperature, so that a series of changes will take place in the oil, which will destroy the oil cells, promote the denaturation of protein, reduce the viscosity of oil, and make it more suitable for pressing for oil extraction and improve the oil yield.
Cold oil press machine
The cold pressing process is to select high-quality oil materials and press them at the temperature below 60℃. The cold pressing process keeps the nutrition of oil completely, and keeps the natural flavor and color of oil.The cold pressing technology has the advantages of shallow oil, no internal heat, high smoke point and less oil fume.

Product features
1. Novel concept, mechatronics: scientific design, reasonable structure, simple and convenient operation, safety and stability, and full-automatic device, which only takes a few minutes from feeding to finished product completion.
2. Excellent material and precise technology: high-carbon steel is adopted, which is hardened by high-frequency quenching and heat-resistant treatment. It has high hardness, high strength and good wear resistance, and is suitable for high-temperature and high-pressure continuous operation, thus prolonging the service life of the oil press, which can last for several decades.
3. The reasonable oil yield of the squeezing chamber is high: the principle of multi-stage propulsion and gradual pressurization is adopted, so that the pressure of the squeezing chamber is rapidly increased, and the oil can be split and separated at one time. Then, the infrared temperature control system is adopted to automatically control the squeezing temperature and water content, so that the oil can be directly softened to activate oil molecules, and the squeezing is stable, and the oil yield is improved by squeezing it out at one time.
4. High-efficiency fine filtration system device: the oil filtration pressure is increased, the crude oil temperature is raised, the new oil guiding technology is brand-new, the oil is filtered at first glance, the oil is pure, the oil is pressed synchronously, the oil filtration speed is increased, and it is convenient and practical, which is an ideal choice for the majority of users.

Product advantages

Efficient oil is golden and pure
Stainless steel oil press, the pressed oil is golden and pure, nutritious and healthy, and the oil yield is high!
Physical pressing is adopted to keep the heating at the proper pressing temperature. It is pure and fragrant, and no other substances are added. Ensure smooth oil delivery, rich nutrition, health and safety.
If you want to squeeze good oil, you must choose a good oil press!

1.8-10 tons of raw materials can be processed in a day.
Due to different varieties of raw materials, different oil content and oil particle size, oil pressing speed and oil yield will be different.

Easy pressing, the nutrition of raw materials is kept intact,
The taste is mellow and not greasy, and it is just right for commercial use!The oil press is easy to operate, easy to use, and a novice can teach.

The machine is quick in oil delivery, thin in cake skin, clean in oil, and in line with national hygiene standards.
Our oil press delivers oil efficiently, and every drop of good oil does not leak, and the oil yield is increased by 90%.
The common engine oil residue is too wet, the oil residue is large, the oil yield cannot be guaranteed, and the consumption performance is high.

Product detail

Vacuum filtration
Squeeze oil and filter oil into one, while squeezing, filter and save time.
Squeezing screw wear resistance
Luo 12 material, guarantee 600,000 Jin.

Intelligent control panel
Automatic temperature control real-time digital display.Easy to operate, complete control of details.
Thickening screw
The pressed steel has high hardness and long service life after heat treatment technology such as carbon repair.
Reasonable blanking design
Slow installation, feeder and reasonable blanking for low oil and hard shell materials.

Product real photo

After Sales Service

Quality assurance
We have always focused on research and development because they are the key to our corporate innovation. They make us do better in production, technical service and marketing.
We provide high-quality machines and professional after-sales service.
Our goal is to maximize customer satisfaction and value. We usually provide 1 year warranty and free common accessories.

We promise that our products are brand new and have not been used. They are made of corresponding materials and adopted a new design.
The quality, specifications, and functions are in compliance with the contract requirements.
We promise that the products produced on this production line can be stored for one year without any additives.

Test and teardown
We will take the initiative to test the operation of the machine when it is completed, and take videos to let customers rest
assured.When disassembling, we will paste the corresponding label on each part, and provide multi-language installation video and instruction manual. Customer satisfaction is our aim.

We will wrap the machine with film to avoid damp and scattered during transportation, and thicken the export wooden box to surround the machine to protect the machine from impact and friction. The size depends on the machine.

We can provide multiple channels of transportation. We guarantee that the freight forwarders we use have more than 5 years of cooperation history, provide you with fast timeliness and economic prices, and ensure the safety and integrity of your machines.

Installation and commissioning
After the equipment arrives at the customer's workshop, please arrange the equipment in accordance with the floor plan drawn up by us. During the epidemic, we can use online videos or video tutorials to guide debugging.
After the epidemic is over, we can also arrange professional engineers to your factory. You need to provide our engineers' round-trip air tickets and accommodation, as well as salary.

company information

Youdo machinery is a factory with 10 years experience in machinery production and foreign trade.
In the past ten years, we have helped friends from 152 countries to start their businesses. With our support, 1,230 friends have made their business bigger and bigger and ranked among the forefront of the industry.
We have received after-sales praise from more than 10,000 friends, we strictly control the quality of our products, and have
long-term cooperation with 127 large foreign companies based on the principle of mutual benefit.
Our service tenet is: Choosing us makes you rich.
Finding us means that you will find a one-stop solution to your needs.
Choose us to start your business development journey, please let me grow with you, my friend.

Certificate display

Packing & Delivery

Why Choose Us


Question1: Are you manufacturer?
Yes, we are manufacturer with more than 10 years' experience.

Question2:What are your advantages compared with your competitors?
A:With rich industry experience and strict Product Quality Control systems, we provide:
1. Stable and reliable product at reasonable price
2. Good customer service: Fast response to any inquiry or question
3. On-time delivery.

Question 3: What's the delivery time and which ports do you usually ship at?
A:We will deliver the product in 7 days after receiving the deposit. We can load container at: Qingdao, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou etc.

Question4:What's the lifetime of the wearing parts?
A:The material of our product is of high quality, and the lifetime of our wearing parts is twice longer than the others,including the roller skin, die and bearing.

Question5: What shall we do if breakdown occurs?
A:.In case of failure, please inform us. During the warranty period, in case of failure, we will respond in time after receiving the buyer's notice. We will handle the fault by telephone / fax or email according to the buyer's requirements.

Question 6: Do you have English Manual for each machinery?
Yes. The instruction manual,the test report and other Data Sheets related shall be provided by us.

Question7:Do you have some foreign customers useing your equipments?
A:Yes , we have customers all over the world.

Question8: MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)
A:One set is welcome, and mix products for order are welcome.

Question 9: Can you customize the machine for me ?
Yes, we can customize according to customer's requirements.

A:Standard export wooden case or other packages depending on products packaging weight is subject to the actual pack.

Question11:How long is your warranty?
A:The warranty period of our products is one year (excluding man-made damage and misuse). During the warranty period, we will provide maintenance videos or face-to-face videos to teach you. If the machine has serious quality problems, we support returning it.

Question 12: What are your Payment Terms?
A: Payment shall be made by T/T, L/C, or D/P, etc., it varies considerably according to the region that you are in.

Question 13: Can you show how the machine works?
A: Certainly, we will send you the Operating video & instruction to you together with machines, to help you use the machines better.

Question 14:Do you have any other fish processing equipment?
A:Yes. we have fish pre processing equipment and deep process machinery, such as fish head removing machine, fish block making
machine, fish scaling machine, fish gutting machine, fish bone and meat separating machine, fish ball making machine.etc.

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