Automatic particle board mdf production line

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Automatic particle board mdf production line

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Information in detail of Semiautomatic particle board production line

Chipper ProcessGlue Process
Equipment No. NameDescription PcsEquipment No. NameDescription Pcs
SY-A001drum chipperBX218 1SY-C001glue vat6000mm x Φ2000mm supplied by1
SY-A002belt conveyer10000 x 500mm1SY-C002glue pump0.7KW2
SY-A003magnet\\1SY-C003glue blender3000 x Φ1600mm, 5.5KW2
SY-A004chip silo50m³supplied by customer1SY-C004belt conveyer1000mm2


Flake Process   Forming & Pressing Process   
Equipment No. NameDescription  PcsEquipment No.Name Description  Pcs 
SY-B001 belt conveyer500 x 6000mm1SY-D001forming machine 12000mm x 2000mm x 24001
SY-B002 pulverizer37KW2SY-D002belt conveyer1500 x x2800mm1
SY-B003 flake pipeline7000mm2SY-D003belt conveyer with centering device\\1
SY-B004 flake silo480m³supplied by customer1SY-D004pre-pressWidth 2400mm1
SY-B005 hopper10000 x 8000 x 2000mm1SY-D005belt conveyer1500 x 1500mm1
SY-B006 screw feeding out pipe4000mm1SY-D006edge trim saw for mat-board2.2KW-22
SY-B007belt conveyer6000mm1SY-D007cut saw2.2KW-21
SY-B008magnet\\1SY-D008belt conveyer1500 x 3000mm1
SY-B009screen6000mm x 1500mm1SY-D009accelerate belt conveyer1500 x 4000mm1
SY-B010belt conveyer of unqualified flake6000mm1SY-D010belt conveyer1500 x 3000mm1
SY-B011belt4000mm1SY-D011scale1500 x 3000mm1
SY-B012Dryer12000mm x Φ1600mm1SY-D012unqualified board collect system800 x 6000mm1
SY-B013sieve1500mm x Φ6000mm1SY-D013belt conveyer1500 x 3000mm1
SY-B014hopper\\1SY-D014accelerate belt conveyer1500 x 4000mm1
SY-B015belt conveyer8000mm1SY-D015board carrier and baffler3KW1
SY-B016core flake silo350m³supplied by customer1SY-D016high temperature resistant no plate\\1
SY-B017surface flake silo50m³supplied by customer1SY-D017loader4200mm1
SY-B018belt4000mm1SY-D018hot presshot platen size:2700 x 1580 x 90mm hot1

Boiler process

SY-D019same time closing device\\1
Equipment No.Name DescriptionPcsSY-D020unloader4000mm1
SY-E001oil boiler1600000 kca/h1SY-D021roller conveyer1000 x 2200mm1
 SY-D022Turner cooler2900mm1
SY-D023Turner conveyer\\1
SY-D024edge trim saw for finished board5.5KW x 41
SY-D025roller platform conveyer\\1
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1. Can you customize products for clients?

Yes, We can customize and produce woodworking machines according to the customer’s requirements or drawings.

2. How can we trust your factory?

We recommend that you come to our factory to see the goods, to verify the real situation of the products, and know more about our factory.


3.Why does the price often change?

 The price depends on the latest prices of the raw materials.


4. What about the contract signing?

If you’re satisfied with the products and our service, you can sign the contract with us, pay the deposit. Then we’ll produce the machines as soon as possible. If you are far away, we can sign the contract by fax. We will ensure the quality of the products and the accessories are complete.


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 when the product is ready, it can be delivered to you after your full payment. We’ll provide technical guidance.


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