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Product Overview


Product Description

Air blast freezer is for fresh meat, seafood, chicken, etc. It is equipped with 200mm PU panel, using cooling machines to cool down within 4-6 hours.

From fresh to frozen, only 4~6 hours

To keep meat in good quality, they have to get frozen in 4~6 hours, even shorter. 

Powerful cooling machines

Normally we use Bitzer two stages compressor or screw compressor. Room temperature -35C to -45C

Vertical type blast evaporator

Big fin space design, powerful air flow. Stainless steel cabinet. It's totally not same as normal heavy duty evaporator.

SUS304 PU panels, corrosion-free

To ensure no corrosion, even you clean the floor everyday, we have to use the stainless steel, grade 304. Standards thickness is 0.6mm.

SUS 304 trolley

trolley dimension and quantity are designed based on customers need and the blast freezer internal dimension, ensure all trolley could be frozen at same time.

Successful Case

Blast freezer for chicken

Customer info: This project is for slaughterhouse and processing plant. Freezing quantity is 10 tons per day. Room temperature -35~-40C.
Order info:
2x30HP Bitzer two stages compressors, rack systems, with remote air cooled condenser.

Floor mounted blast evaporator, SUS304 cabinet. Fan motor is on side, blowing the air.
200mm PU panels with 0.8mm color plate


Why we choose such big compressor horsepower?

Fresh food has a lot of heat and need the big compressor horsepower to cool down within 4-6 hours.

Why the temperature is so low?

Fresh food need to reach -20C within 4-6 hours so that need -35C or -40C cold room temperature.

Why does the blast cold room need to use the vertical air cooler?

The vertical air cooler have big fin spacing, big air flow and very easy to install.

Can the blast freezer cooling time be shorter?

4-6 hours is fast enough and very economical. 2-3 hours will need even bigger horsepower compressor and more expensive.

Are there standard compressor model for blast freezer?

No. Our technicians need choose the compressor horse according to the cooling time, Products inlet/outlet temperature, how many tons per batch, and ambient temperature, etc.

Why other supplier’s price lower than us?

We can ensure the fresh food cool down at -20C within 4-6 hours that need to use the big horsepower compressor. What’s more, the compressor we use original new German brand Bitzer which have a good quality and keep more than 20 years lifetime.

Do you have Bitzer compressor imported from Germany?

NO. Now we purchase Bitzer compressor from Bitzer Beijing factory, China. It supply compressor for whole Asian market.

Factory Introduction

We' re the only one manufacturer in China who has two continuous PIR automated lines, one from German, the other from Italy. Annual output up to 2,800,000 sqm panel, 10,000 units cold room doors. We can ensure our panels lifetime 20 years at least.

Our factory can design and produce all kinds of condensing unit, compressor rack, condenser, evaporator, etc. All these years, we’re agent of Bitzer compressor and Danfoss, better price, shorter production time, less quality troubles. 


For refrigeration unit

95% of the units are with standard plywood package. XQ series condensing unit, small evaporator and condensers are with carton package. Can be updated to plywood.

For PU panel

Each panel is well wrapped with plastic film respectively, For container shipping, dozen pieces is packed on one pallet. Very easy for container loading and unload. For LCL delivery, package can be updated to plywood package for better protection.

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