Dora Rootguard Trichoderma Harzianum Used For Pitaya, Dragon Fruit

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What's Dora Rootguard


Dora RootGuard is trichoderma harzianum biological fungicide for eliminating damaging fungal pathogens, such as Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia, Pythium, Fusarium.

It will form a nature defensive bond to “Guard” your crop’s roots.


After we used the Dora Rootguard,the active ingredient(trichoderma harzianum) will forms a physical bond with the plants root system, establishing itself in the rhizosphere(root zone) and thereby preventing other pathogens.

Trichoderma harzianum also can attack/parasitize and otherwise gain nutrition from other fungi. They have evolved numerous mechanisms for both attack of other fungi and for enhancing plant and root growth.


One Application provides 2-3 months root system protection against soil borne diseases.

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   Trichoderma Harzianum   2×109CFU/G
   Moisture   ≤15%
   pH   5.0-8.0
1.Grows on roots, guard them against replant diseases and soilborne diseases.
2.Controls diseases caused by Rhizoctonia, Pythium, Fusarium, Thielaviopsis, and Cylindrocladium.
3.Promote the growth of root system , enhance the effect of absorbing nutrients and moisture, increase the yield and quality.
How to use

Pre-blend Dora RootGuard into your soil mix at the time of planting or drench with Dora RootGuard immediately after planting.
It can be applied by broadcast, hill dressing,drill fertilization,root-irrigation,drip irrigation,Turn the soil after watering, keep the soil moist 5 days.
Dosage: 5-7.5KG/Ha









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