RTV 2 Liquid tin silicone rubber manufacturer for casting artificial stone sculpture (60802808830)

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RTV-2 Liquid silicone rubber manufacturer for cement concrete molding

with moderate hardness in high tensile and tear strength ,which is suitable for middle or large size product with pattern by both pouring and brushing operation, especially popular for manufacturer of gypsum decoration and concrete molding .Additive is available for brushing operation . It’s one of our best selling silicone!

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Why does the silicone mould appear to be dry outside but wet inside?


Because molding silicone rubber is a kind of condensation silicone rubber, which get solidified after absorbing moisture from the air. In order to provide a significant shelf-life for the silicon rubber, we will dry out the water in the silicon rubber.

Solution: Add 0.05% water into the silicon rubber and Stir over a low speed briefly when you use it.

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