Residential glass steel meter box

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Introduction to FRP gas meter box

The FRP meter box and the FRP gas box are made by SMC unsaturated polyester glass reinforced fiber molding. Its unique performance solves the defects of easy aging, corrosive, poor insulation, poor cold resistance, poor flame retardancy and short life of wooden, steel and plastic boxes. The excellent performance of FRP box has absolute sealing and waterproof performance and anti-corrosion. Performance, anti-stealing performance, no need for grounding wire, beautiful appearance, safety protection with lock and lead seal, outdoor life can reach more than 40 years, indoor more than 60 years, strength is 1N.m, other metal plastic boxes Comparable. This product is widely used in residential construction and civil power transformation. The existing table-to-12 table case style can be directly fixed on the wall or installed on the utility pole, and applicable to any specification of mechanical, electronic and magnetic card tables!

Detailed Images

Metal lock cylinder:

The inner lock cylinder of the cabinet is made of metal and is strong and strong, preventing damage caused by excessive force.

Transparent glass window:

The transparent window is made of acrylic material, which makes it clearer to see the internal condition of the watch box and prevent the transparent window from being scratched.

High-strength hinge:

 The door panel is not affected, the normal opening of the FRP material package is more beautiful, the rust-proof strength is high, the long life is not broken.

FRP table case features:

● Beautiful appearance - the box body is made of SMC sheet molding compound by high temperature molding at a high temperature. The surface of the box is smooth and smooth, the color is uniform, and it is not easy to scratch.
●Good mechanical properties-The cabinet is made of SMC composite material, which is light in weight, high in unit density and low in porosity. The mechanical properties are about 20-40% higher than that of hand-glued FRP products.
● Strong chemical resistance - the box is made of composite material as raw material, which is resistant to water, most acids, alkalis, salts and some organic solvents and ultraviolet light. It has good corrosion resistance and aging resistance and can adapt to each. In a harsh environment, all metal fittings are rust-proofed, and the overall installation life of the cabinet is extended to 50 years, and the outdoor installation life is 30 years.
●Good dielectric and flame retardant properties - The box material itself is insulated and has high pressure protection performance; after adding the corresponding flame retardant, its flame retardant performance can reach FV0 level.
●Unique structure, convenient installation and maintenance-The cabinet adopts integral or combined structure design. It can be combined into several complex composite units by several basic units as needed. It is very convenient to combine, install, use and maintain.
● Good thermal insulation performance - the thermal conductivity of the box material is low, which can effectively protect the equipment inside the box.
●Theft-proof is good-the SMC composite material used in the cabinet has no recycling value and can avoid the worry of being stolen.

SMC molded box is mainly used in the protection of water, electricity, gas and other energy systems and various equipment protection in urban residential quarters, industrial areas, industrial and mining enterprises, high-rise buildings, etc., as a box for energy metering or control device protection.

Packing & Delivery

Professional custom non-standard box:

1, the size of the box
2, material thickness

3, opening requirements
4, the box type or provide pictures

5, the box color text
6, all aspects of the requirements

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Henan Top Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Longyuan Lake International Plaza,Shanyang District, Jiaozuo City, Henan Province.With 10 pultrusion production lines and several sets of hydropress,the company is devoted into the design and production of molded profiles,pultruded profiles and hand lay-up products of fiber reinforced plastic.

Main products include FRP grating,pultruded FRP profiles,FRP cable trays,FRP tubes,FRP support beams,hand lay-up FRP products and others.and we accept customized products according to customer requirements.

The products have been sold all over China and exported to North America, Western Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries&regions.

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