Animal Feed Chaff Cutter Machine small Grass Chopper

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Product Overview


Animal Feed Chaff Cutter Machine Grass Chopper Straw Chaff Cutter



Product Description


Straw feed chaff cutter description:



This cutting machine can cut fresh or dry stalk , cotton stalk , corn stalk , grass , straw and other agriculture in to small pieces with high capacity , easy to operate and working with low noise


This kind of machine is also called hay cutter, stalk cutting machine, straw pellet machine which is order to cutting off the various straw and stalks.It is mainly composed of feeding structure, chopping structure, throwing structure, driving structure, running gear,protective device and brackets.


The raw materials can be cornstalk, straw, soybean stem, branch, bark, slab, bamboo, fiber grass stem, sugarcane and so on.


The finished product can be used for breeding, animal husbandry, paper making, methane tank, briquetting, mechanism charcoal, man-made board and so on.


Straw feed chaff cutter features:



1.Made of steel body, small volume, light in weight, easy to move.


2.Designed with safety appliances, prohibit browsing incidents, safety and reliable.


3.Adopted advanced feeding structure with feeding roller, feeding capacity and feeding automatically 









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