Kraft Liner Paper Test Liner Paper Making Machine

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test liner board paper making machine

test liner board paper making machine



I. The main structure for this section:

1).Cylinder mold part:

Φ1250mmx2250mmx2800mm stainless steel plate type cylinder mold 4 sets,

Φ400mmx2250mmx2800mm couch roll 4 sets, rubber shore hardness 38℃±2.

Φ400mmx2250mmx2800mm return roll 1set, rubber shore hardness 86℃±2. Equipped with cylinder mold vat 4sets, made from steel plate.

 2).Press part:


1st press (upper roller is natural marble roll, bottom roller is rubber press roll)2nd press(upper roller is natural marble roll and bottom roller is rubber press roll)


1st press: 1 set of Φ450mmx2250mmx2800mm natural marble roll;

1 set of Φ400mmx2250mmx2800mm rubber press roll, coated by rubber,

         rubber shore hardness 96℃±2.

2nd press: 1 set of Φ550mmx2250mmx2800mm natural marble roll;

1 set of Φ500mmx2250mmx2800mm rubber press roll, coated by rubber,

rubber shore hardness 96℃±2;

Loaded mode: the loaded mode of each press nip is pneumatic pressure, equipped with pressure air station and controlling system.


3).Dryer part: ( In this part, include 7 sets of dryer cylinders, arrayed in the order of 1 MG dryer cylinder + 6 dryers cylinders group)

 First MG dryer:Φ2000mmx2250mmx2800mm alloy dryer cylinder 1 set,

with Φ450mmx2250mmx2800mm touch roll 1 set, coated by rubber, rubber hardness 96±2SR.

With double layer exhaust hood 1 set, with scraper blade 1 set.

with axial-flow ventilator 1set.

Second dryers group:Φv1500mmx2250mmx2800mm alloy dryer cylinders 6 sets, with scraper blade 6 sets, equipped with dry wire device, and semi-closed exhaust hood 1 group,

with axial-flow ventilator 1 set.              


4).Calendering part: 1880mm type 2 rolls calender machine 1 set.


5).Reeling part: 1880mm horizontal pneumatic winding machine 1 set.


6).Rewinding part: 1880mm upper feeding frame type rewinding & slitting machine 1 set.


The main equipments:

1Stainless steel cylinder moldExtract the pulp fiber to felt
2Alloy dyer cylinder   Dry the wet paper 
3Exhaust hood of dryer cylinderTo cover the dryer and collect the hot & moist air 
4 Axial-flow ventilator To ventilate and pull out the hot & moist air in the exhaust hood
5Roots vacuum pump To provide the vacuum force for the suction box
6Vacuum suction boxTo absorb the water in the wet paper 
7Air compressor To provide the compressed air for the pneumatic device
8Frequency conversion
controlling cabinet 
To control the running speed of the machine
9High concentration hydra-pulperbreak the recycle paper into pulp
10High frequency vibrating screen To separate and remove the small impurity in the pulp
11impeller To stir the pulp and make sure the pulp and water mixed well
12pressure screen (Slotted screen) To make the pulp more finer 
13Bleacher (include drive part) To whiten the pulp through bleaching
14pulp refiner To make the pulp much finer and smoothe
15Low concentration sand remover To remove the sand and impurity in the water and pulp
16 Pulp pump To provide the pulp for the needed machine
17 Electrical operation cabinet  To control the machines run or stop
18Boiler (burning coal ) To provide the hot steam for the dryers


test liner board paper making machinetest liner board paper making machine

test liner board paper making machine

Zhengzhou Dingchen Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional machine manufacturer located in central China, focusing on the R&D and production of pulp and paper machines. The company has over 30 years of experience in pulp and paper machine production.
We have abundant technical forces and advanced production equipments, our goal is to ensure our customers have a good experience with our machine and service. Quality is our foundation and great service is always our mission.

test liner board paper making machine

test liner board paper making machinetest liner board paper making machine

test liner board paper making machine

test liner board paper making machine

test liner board paper making machine

test liner board paper making machine

Q: 1.What information do you need,if i need to get a quotation from you?
A: Output paper type;Capacity(tons/24hours);Output paper weight(gram/m2);Raw material

Q: 2.How long is the guarantee period for paper making machine?
A: 12 months after the pending operational

Q: 3.What is the delivery time if we make a order from you?
A: Usually, the delivery time for smaller machines is 30-45 days after receiving deposit,But for bigger machines, it will be longer to make sure the equipment quality.

Q: 4. What is your payment terms?
A: (1). T/T(telegraphic transfer)30% as deposit,and 70% balance paid before shipment.
    (2). 30%T/T + 70%L/C at sight.
    (3). 100%L/C at sight.
Q: 5.How is the quality of your equipment?
A: (1). We are manufacturer, specializing in producing all kinds of Pulping Machine & Paper,Machine & Environmental protection equipment for more than 40 years, competitive,With good quality.
(2). We have a technician team of engineers and experts.
 The advanced paper making technology,to make sure our machines’ design are newest.
(3). The machines will be pre-installed at workshop before delivery.
(4). All of our machines has audited the certificate of ISO

Q: 6.Why your price is higher than other similar supplier?
A: Different quality, different price.Our price is matched with our high quality.Compared with to her supplier based on the same quality,our price is lower.But anyway,to show our sincerity, we will give you some some discount.

Q: 7.Can we visit your factory and the running machine has installed in China?
A: Welcome to visit our factory.You can check our production ability, processing ability ,check out facilities and running paper production line. What is more,you can discuss with engineers directly, and learn the machines well.

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