Одноразовая Игла micro cannula 23 г 50 мм для дермального наполнителя (60809942963)

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Product Overview


Disposable micro cannula needle 23g 50mm for dermal filler


A blunt cannula allows blood vessels to be ‘pushed aside’ as the microcannula moves around the tissue under the skin instead of piercing the blood vessels as with traditional needles. Safety from injuring nerves

  • Safety from injuring blood vessels.

  • Safety from injuring glands and ducts.

  • Better Results: you can get a smoother and wider fanning result.

  • Better Results: you can usually have less bruising with your patients.

  • Better Pain management: Patients usually feel less pain with this technique.



For HA-based fillers with low c

oncentration and viscosity, surface injections


30G x 1 "(25mm):

lacrimal valley, fine wrinkles - precision work


For HA-based fillers with medium concentration and viscosity


27G x 1 "(25mm):

precision work

27G x 1½ "(38mm):


more versatile measure, used for the majority of facial treatments


27G x 2 "(50mm):


length to cover large areas


For HA and non-HA fillers, for deep or medial injections


25G x 1½ "(38mm)

it can be used for major facial procedures


25G x 2 "(50mm):

greater length to cover a wider treatment area

For viscous and high concentration fillers, deep injections to create volume


22G x 2 "(50mm)

For face fat grafting (not recommended for use with fillers)


22G x 50


16G x 4 "(100mm)



0.0064 s.