Monolayer Nano Tungsten Disulfide Dispersion Price Single Layer WS2 Liquid with Concentration 1mg/ml

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Application fields

Lubricant, catalysis, energy storage and composite materials and other fields.


                SEM of Single Layer WS2 Dispersion                                            TEM of Single Layer WS2 Dispersion

Instructions for use

Sealed, avoid light, and keep at 4℃. Expiry date: 3 months before unsealing. Consume within 1 month after sealing. Preservation with Ar / N2 gas bubble after each opening.

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Company Information

Jiangsu XFNANO Materials Tech Co.,Ltd (XFNANO) was founded in 2009 and is registered in the ‘National University Science Park of Nanjing University ’,China, mainly focusing on the R&D of graphene,carbon nanotubes,molecular sieves,catalysts,super capacitors and direction of biofuel cells.The company has close relationship with the national university laboratory in America,Singapore and China.The products have been exported to America,UK,Singapore,Sweden and more .

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