good humus acidic soil amendments

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good humus acidic soil amendments



Product Description



Product Information

This Product is produced using the raw materials high-temperature puffed food leftovers. It is scientifically formulated and processed and contains abundant organic matter, calcium and silicon.


(1)Strengthen the loosening degree of soil and promote root expansion.

(2)Provide NPK and many kinds of trace element to plants.

(3)This product doesn’t contain any heavy metal and is safe and high-efficacy toplants.

(4)It has high ability to keep moisture and fertilizer efficiency of the soil.

Application Range


♥This helps to lower soil pH for acid loving plants
♥Designed for plants like azaleas, camellias, gardenias, hemlock holly, cedar, blueberry, and etc.
♥Formula turns hydrangeas blue
♥Works well in all soil types

♥Vegetables, flowers and fruit trees.


Application Methods


Spreading, furrow application and hole application are all OK. 800-1200kg per Hectare.

Physical and Chemical Properties


Its appearance is white or brown column granular. It is easily be resolved in water. PH: 7.0-8.0.



The application amount and frequency should be decided according to seasons and plants growing status.


Aluminum sulfate composition table
PH(1% Water sloution)≥3.0
Apperanceflake. powder .granular . lump
Product namegood humus acidic soil amendments


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Q:if i spread this product under my trees at 2 # per 100 sq. feet, & water it, will it hurt my lawn? also, pls advise the % breakdown of contents?
A:The package doesn't give any directions about using it on an existing lawn. It does indicate that you can use up to 5 lbs. per 100 sq. feet of soil to correct alkaline soil.
Q:what color is the powder? pure white, or does it have a brownish tinge?
A:It's off white.
Q:Is this in powdered or granular form?
A:Granular will dissolve with rain or water. Need to apply light sprinkle.
Q:What is percentage of the aluminum sulfate?
About 17%.
Q:Has anyone used this as a mordant to prepare cloth or yarn for dying?



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