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Industrial Plate Heat Exchanger Price 500-500,000L/H

Product Description




Material of PlateSuited Liquid
Stainless Steel (AISI304.316 Etc)Pure Water, Normal Water, Oil for eating, Mineral Oil
Ti, Ti-pdSea Water, Saline Water, Mineral Water
20Cr, 18Ni, 6Mo (254SMO)Dilute Sulphuric Acid, Organic Water Solution
NiHigh-temp and concentration caustic soda
Hastelloy (C276, D205, B2G)Concentration Sulphuric Acid, Hydrochloric acid, Phosphoric acid


Material of GasketOperating Temperature ° CSuited Liquid
NBR-15~+135° CWater, Sea Water, Mineral Oil, Salinous Water
EPDM-25~+180° CHot Water, Steam, Acid, Alkali
F26-55~+230° CAcid, Alkali
TPF 0~+160° CHigh Concentrated Acid, Alkali, High temperature Oil, Steam


Standard design

Our heat exchangers are designed and manufactured with materials and applications which guarantee high, durable efficiency standards in residential applications as well as industrial processes.
The plates are made in high quality materials which makes it possible to reach an excellent overall heat exchange coefficient and guarantees resistance against corrosion;
The plates can be manufactured with several corrugations which improve the exchange performance in function of the operative conditions (fluid type, viscosity). Their particular conformations makes the fluid in the device move turbulently and guarantees an elevated heat exchange coefficient.
The lining is available in several materials, adapted to particular applications (gasoline, oil, alimentary fluids, aggressive fluids, high temperature fluids, etc.) and desired performances;
The frame is made of varnished carbon steel, designed in such a way the it can be easily accessed, inspected and maintained;
All exchangers are tested (leakage test) before dispatch in order to verify possible losses.

Environment and sectors of application
Wherever a heat exchange between two fluids takes place, the Propellent plate heat exchangers guarantee a series of significant advantages:
High efficiency
Long life span
Low cost
Compact dimensions
Possibility to expand
Easy maintenance

Our heat exchangers are products of reference in the residential and industrial sectors (HVAC, food, chemical, renewable energy, cooling, oil and gas). They offer the best options for numerous applications, such as:
DHW production
Heat exchanging in heating systems
Pool water heating
Solar power systems
Heating/cooling of alimentary fluids (milk, beer, wine…)
Cooling of tool machines
Recuperation of heat from industrial processes

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Propellent, composed of several domestic Propellent enterprises, has always been insisting this business philosophy: opening-up and cooperation, mutual improvement with the cooperative partner and growing together with employees.

“Trust us, we can do more” is our enterprise tenet. We devote to provide a heat transfer solution for civil and industrial users in heating, cooling, waste heat recovery. Products we supplied include plate heat exchangers, plate type condensers, air coolers, wide gap plate heat exchangers, welded plate heat exchangers, heat-exchange units, plate type evaporators, air-handling system, water cooling equipment, waste heat recovery integration device, etc. The application scope covers HVAC, chemical, food and beverage, sugar, metallurgy, power, paper, textiles, shipping, and refrigeration, etc.

The superiority of Propellent’s hot and cold exchanging technology comes from its consist high attention to talent cultivation and product research. Propellent values group building and team building pays attention to product performance & quality.

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