Automotive car painting and baking room car body paint oven spray booth (60812971503)

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Type:spray booths
External size:8030*6000*3500
Internal size:7930*4400*2750
Place of origin:Shandong,China
Brand name:xinghuo (spark)
Model number:X-800
Product:spray booth
Baking temperature:≤185℃
Wallls/ceilings:panels 50 mm thick
Air-intake fans:1unit
Air-exhaust fan:1unit
Basement system:high-quality galvanized sheet
Heating system:use the nano plate type baking lamp
Ceiling light:imported Philips LED tubes
Product Description
XC-G20-A1 type technology parameters and configurations

External size
Internal size
Main door size
Air fan type
Fan Capacity
Wind speed
DDF turbine
15000 m3/h
0.3 m/s
Housing system
50mm thickness rock wool cotton wall panel ,double-sides manual purification color steel plate, steel single-deck 0.5mm thickness, High density hydrophobic basalt for 4 sides sealing edge ; anti-flame and heat-insulation, galvanized steel roof panel.
Door System
Full handmade metal 4- folding doors, aluminum frame, external mortise lock,tempered glass window; Safety work door with safety pressure lock device, automatically inspection bounces pressure relief.
Air System
7.5KW fan*1 air intake,5.5KW fan*1 air exhausting.
Cabinet for the fans*1unit, galvanized steel frame with sound insulation layer; exhaust air mechanism air duct*4m ; the cabinet is separated 100mm from the house body to avoid resonance.
Filtering system
Glass fiber cotton dry filter paint mist solid particles, high-quality galvanized sheet welded frame cotton tow mop, filter cotton is built - in to prevent shedding, design six cotton mops for easy replacement , enhance the overall strength, Primary filtration of domestic cotton and top filter cotton fine filtration, filtration rate 98 %.
Heating system
Fuel oil heater system, Italy Riello brand diesel burner, Stainless steel heat exchanger. 5~10 minutes reaching the baking temperature 60°c~80°c.
Lighting System
Ceiling light 4Pcs*8units=32*28W, LED tubes illumination≥1000lux, glass cover.
Controlling system
Integrated manual mechanical control system, Microcomputer control panel;
With temperature time setting, normal temperature painting, baking paint switch, lighting switch, emergency stop switch, fault alarm, etc;
Basement System 
The surrounding is made of high-quality galvanized sheet, The load-bearing bracket is 1.8mm galvanized sheet with convex steel structure welded;
Steel grilles(30*5mm flat iron and 8 #threaded steel welding)*2rows and Non-slip boards(painted by the tread plate)*3rows
Environmental protection system
(Part Optional) Photooxygen waste gas treatment purification device, multi-layer filtration, effective decomposition of waste gas pollutants, the purification rate of up to 90%; (Optional)
Dry type multi-filtration, effectively filtering fog particles;
W filter paper +glass fiber cotton+ activated carbon and bag filter;
Waterborne paint device
(Optional) Adjustable the air shower nozzle, 2*YDW centrifugal fans to supply air independently;vvv

Total power 60kw;380V/50HZ

1.Walls &ceiling

- Panels 50mm thick,stainless steel board,colorful purification rock wool board or double hollow tempered glass

- Roof:High-quality galvanized sheet bending and fastening.

2.Basement system

- High-quality galvanized sheet,2.5mm galvanized sheet welding,

- Steel grilles(30*6mm flat iron and 8 #threaded steel/rebar welding) 2

- Non-slip boards(painted by the tread plate) 3

3.Heating system

- Nano technology making,surface temperature less than or equal to 185 degrees,the heating group is a plate structure

4.Filter system

- Use high-quality galvanized sheet welded frame to make cotton tow, filter cotton in-line design to prevent hair loss, design 15 pieces of cotton mop, filtration rate 98%

5.Air system

- Air-intake fan*1unit,DKF double inlet fan produced by Jiangsu Yancheng with 7.5 kw motor

- Air-exhaust fan*1unit,4-72 type fan with 15 kw motor

- The motor is equipped with Siemens motor


- Ceiling lights *40pcs,the surface of the tube has a glass cover

- Bake lamp*10pcs,each 3 kw

7.Control panel

- Adopt PLC touch screen type control panel,including spray switch,baking switch,light switch,emergency stop,etc

Products Show

Functional characteristics

1.Fast processing in the early stage, good baking effect

The car paint booth is a set of large-scale equipment. Before the use, the car can be subjected to the necessary pre-treatment, which can eliminate the disadvantages of manual treatment and improve the quality of the paint surface in the paint repair work.

2.Good working environment

In order to keep the internal air clean, the paint room is equipped with an air filter device (such as filter cotton) to filter the dust entering the air inside the paint booth. The circulating ventilation system of the paint booth allows the paint room to have sufficient ventilation speed to ensure the air in the room is clean.

3.High work efficiency and quality assurance

The car paint room operation is a mechanized "one-stop" service, and the work efficiency is several times or even dozens of times higher than that of manual paint and baking paint. The paint surface is smooth and uniform, free of impurities and has a high degree of polishing.

4.High safety factor

The car paint room is equipped with a thermostatic controller and a safety explosion-proof system. The humanized customized design fully guarantees the safety of intelligent operation and vehicle equipment safety.

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