Cable electric cutting and stripping machine terminal crimping machine fully automatic wire processing machine

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Product Overview


Cable electric cutting and stripping machine terminal crimping machine fully automatic wire processing machine

Product Description


Function :Wire cutting, two ends stripping, one end crimping, two ends crimping, one end twisting .Can process wire cutting, wire stripping and crimp terminal at one end or both ends. It can be equipped with horizontal and vertical molds.

Advantage :

  • A multi-functional and fully automated machine that can process wire cutting, wire stripping and crimp terminal at one end or both ends

  • Advanced software and visual touch screen makes the machine easy to operate

  • Robust, durable and stable. The raw materials of this machine have been heat treated, blackened and hard oxidized

  • Using two motors to send wires, avoiding the problem of different lengths of wires and indentation of wires

  • Low noise and uniform force, can be equipped with horizontal and vertical molds



NameAutomatic double end terminal crimping machineAutomatic double end terminal crimping machine with golden needle
Functiondouble end cutting, single/double end stripping,single/double end terminal crimpingwire cutting, single/double end stripping,single/double end terminal crimping, golden needle
DisplayColor LCD touch screenColor LCD touch screen
Mode of operationAuto run + manual operationAuto run + manual operation
Blade adjustment methodMotorized adjustingMotorized adjusting
pneumatic partsAirTACAirTAC
wire cutting length45mm-9999mm45mm-9999mm
cutting tolerance1mm+cutting length*0.2%1mm+cutting length*0.2%
wire crimping length1.5-10mm1.5-10mm
Suitable wiresAWG18—28#AWG18—28#
cutting speed6500PCS/hour (L <100mm)6500PCS/hour (L <100mm)
working ability4500PCS/hour (L <100mm)3500PCS/hour (L <100mm)
Crirmp forcestandard 2.0T(customized available)standard 2.0T(customized available)
Air pressure5.0KG5.0KG
PowerAC 220VAC 220V
Rated power2.5KW2.5KW
Detector1.terminal exists or not                                     1.wire exists or not                           exists or not                                               4.air pressure exists or not1.terminal exists or not                                     1.wire exists or not                                     exists or not                                               4.air pressure exists or not




1. Touch Panel adjust terminal location, high accuracy;
2. Fast supplying, cutting, stripping, twisting, terminal crimping and tinning;
3. 90° tinning make sure even and accurate tin wetting;
4. Automatic wipe excess tin, make tinning surface smooth


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Application Terminal:



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if you need wire or cable cutting and stripping machine or other terminal crimping machine, please feel free to contact us








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1, One year guarantee for the whole machine except blade and belt.  

2, 24 hours technical support by email.

3, User-friendly English software and user manual.



-Purchase guidance

If you are not sure which model is the best option within your budget, please send us the parameter or wire, it’s our pleasure to make a recommendation and comparison models 

to you.


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--- Technical Support

In some cases, professional technical support will be needed, such as parameter meter set-up

 for difficult-to process wires. Suzhou Crown engineers are here for your assistance.



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