2020 Прямая поставка с завода, набор оборудования для расчески из натурального розового кварца guasha

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Welcome to Hanhe

 Royal Beauty Face 100% Natural Rose Quartz Gua Sha for Anti-Aging

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Item name Global unique newest heart/horn shaped gua sha scrapping board
ApplicationHome / beauty salon / Facial House / Chinese Medical Centre. etc
Custom Setchoose whichever you like(jade roller/face clean brush/clean sponge/quartz mask)
Logo custom logo, engraving, silk screen,hangtag,colorful labels. etc
jade type

amthyst/Sodalite/rose quartz/jade/red jasper

The perfect innovation of traditional Chinese meridian therapy

Scrapping is a popular Traditional medicine healthcare treatment in China.So what are the benefits and efficacy of scraping on earth?How often should be better ?What is the taboo of scrapping?Let's take a look.

Benefits and Efficacy 

1.Relax tendons and clear collaterals - Nowadays, more and more people suffer from cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder and back pain,scrapping can relax tendons and clear collaterals, eliminate pain lesions and relieve muscle tension.

2.Eliminate toxins in the body Scrapping can enhance the body's resistance by dilating blood vessels,promote the metabolism and removing wastes and toxins in the body.

3.Activating blood and removing stasis - Scrapping can promote blood circulation and ultimately remove blood stasis,improve the localblood supply, regulate the body's physiological function.

4.Maintenance  regulate viscera and bowels's function and balance Yin-Yang so as to prevent and treat diseases and conserve health.  

5.Treatment Scrapping can also relieve some symptoms caused by a cold, such as fever, cough, headache, etc.

6.Skin care - Scrapping can make the skin smoother,Scrapping combined with acupoint massage can have certain curative effect on acne and chloasma.


How often ?

Generally speaking, scrapping at the same place once a week or longer is better.



1.Scrapping therapy has strict requirements on direction, time, technique and intensity,

Scrapping is not suitable for scraping back and forth,Therefore should strictly follow the operating rules or follow the doctor's advice, should not scrapping yourself at home at will.Expectant mother,drunker,mental patient,and patients with bleeding tendency, skin hypersensitivity, extreme weakness, and severe heart failure should refrain from scraping or be careful.

2.Scrapping is prohibited in the eyes, lips, tongue, ear holes, nostrils, nipples, navel and other parts, because scrapping can make these mucous membranes congested and cannot be cured.

3.Scrapping should not be overexert,for people with weak kidney function, excessive scrapping can damage kidney function.

4.Avoid cold and wind,Do not bathe immediately after scrapping,Bathing within 3 hours after scrapping is not recommended, because after 3 hours, the pores on the body have closed and returned to their original state.

Company Information


-1_02.jpgHanhe is a leading manufacturer in natural rose quartz and gemstone products with over 10 patented products.

It has innovations in health and skin care products.

To give clients a better shopping and user satisfaction.the stones are sourced from the stone mine,

the large stones are cut into smaller stone slices,grinded and polished.the surface of the stone is made smooth,drilled and installed manually.

We also do a thorough inspection of the product before every shipment in order to satisfy the needs of the customer and also meet international standards ,

we manufacture and design natural gemstone skincare tools.










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