Night vision housing monocular body with auto gain control, gen 2+, gen 3 night vision monocular housing with OEM ODM services

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Product Description:

This body includes the eyepiece, objective lens, PCBs, electronic components and housting etc. Fitted with a IIT inside, it can be a working unit.  

Magnification1X or alternative objective lens (3X,5X)
FOV (deg)40
Diopter (deg)+5/-5
Lens systemF1.2, 25.8mm
Resolution of Lens(Lp/mm)72
Range of focus (m)0.25--∞
Dimensions (mm)127x68x51mm
Weight (g)242
Power supply (v)2.0-4.2V
Battery type (v)1*CR123A or AA battery
Battery life (hrs)80(w/o IR)
40(w IR)
Operating temperature(ºC)-20/+60



Weight, g.

242(only body)



Overall dimensions, mm.





Image intensifier tube

IIT 2+ (without)


Photocathode type



The integral sensitivity of the photocathode μa / lm.



Limit of resolution, l / mm.



Signal-to-noise ratio at 108 μlx, min.



Minimum operating hours h.



Range of detection, m .:220-280m

- a quarter of the moon



- cloudy sky



Range of recognition, m .:220-280

- a quarter of the moon



- cloudy sky



Characteristics indicated in the passport of the device:

Optical parameters




Range of detection, m




Lens, magnification, multiplicity








Optical system, mm..

F1.2, 25.8mm



Focusing range, m..




Angular field of view, deg




Diopter adjustment of the eyepiece


Diameter of the exit pupil, mm.


Removing the exit pupil, mm.




Kit includes

Night Vision Body, Protective carrying bag, Warranty card.

IP66 weatherproof: This product is available against domestic water.
*  Automatic shut off when flipped up: The device will turn off automatically when pushing a button on the side of mount  and lifting the unit up until reaches in the top position. Push the same button to lower monocular to the viewing position,  then the device will turn on for continuation of operation.
*  No power consumption when in standby: It means no power consumption in case you forget to remove the battery for some days.

 Embedded spring in battery's cap: It makes screwing the cap easier and better protect the spring and contact with the battery.
Fully adjustable head mount: The head mount can be adjusted according to head size.
 Mil-spec multi-coated optic: Multi antireflection film can restrain the reflex of lens, which can reduce the loss of light so more light can go though the lens to get a sharp image. 
* Automatic brightness control: When the ambient light changes, the brightness of the image detected will keep the same to insure a stable viewing effect and also to protect users' eyesight. 
* Bright source protection: The device will shut off automatically in 10 seconds to avoid the damage of the image intensifier tube when the ambient light exceeds 40 Lux.
* Low battery indication: A greenish light in the edge of eyepiece will start flickering when the battery is running low.

1. Do not disassemble the unit.
It's better to use device under +5°C to +40°C. After the unit usage in temperatures below zero, wait at least 3 hours at room temperature, to avoid condensation accumulating on the internal lens surfaces and the consequent fogging caused by extreme temperature differences.
3. Keep the device in soft carrying bag, ventilated and dry place with temperature which does not exceed +15°C. Keep away from heating device and avoid direct sunlight and high humidity which does not exceed 70%.
4. NVD should be used in nighttime and can't be aim at strong light. If you have to test it during daytime, the front lens cap should never be removed. You can observe the target through the hole in the protection cap.

5.Use good quality lithium battery or alkaline cell, as bad quality batteries will effect the performance of the NVD and easily damage the device.
6. Try to avoid the rain and mist, and avoid dropping, shaking and collision.
7. Use clean soft cloth and dampened in alcohol,if necessary.
8. A useful tip is to remove the battery when the night vision will be not in use for over 3 days to prevent battery leakage and damaging the device.

NOTE: It is normal that the device can not be turned on when the ambient light exceeds 40 Lux. This device has protection system, which cuts off the image intensifier when ambient light level exceeds the limit of 40 Lux during a 10 seconds period.
Failure to follow the above precautions may cause the unit damage and will void the manufacturer's warranty.

Warranty :
 Our warranty is 1 year from the date of purchase. For detailed warranty info, please refer to our Warranty Service.





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