non-ferrous separation machine for Zurik scrap processing

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Product Overview


 Eddy current separator in Zurik scraps processing for non-ferrous metal rocovery 

Product Description

Automatic magnetic eddy current separator using rare earth magnets arranged into a super high-speed rotor producing repelling eddy currents to separate nonferrous materials,  

typically used to separate Magnesium, Aluminium and Titanium copper alloys etc light metal from various of recyclable crushed material scraps . 


Application of eddy currents scraps aluminum recycling machine 

1.For aluminum recovery in various industries  

Shredded End-of-Life vehicle (ELVs) recycling industry

Shredded End-of-Life domestic application

auto shredder residue(ASR)recycling

shredded and pre-treated co-mingle recyclables metal (Zorba/Zurik) recycling industry

slags recycling that produced by waste incineration facilities 

steel slag scraps recycling industry

crushed Bulky city waste recycling

non-ferrous dross recovery from foundry sand in aluminum-shell-sand recycling lines.

non-ferrous recovery in Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment(WEEE) recycling plants

non-ferrous scrap from crushed waste electrolytic capacitors

2.For harmful mixed alumimum scraps removal . to improve the taste make sure material`s purification   

aluminum caps and rings removal from cullet in glass recycling   

aluminum separation in UPVC window recycling.

Brass rivets and hinges separation in timber recycling industry.

Mixed aluminum flakes separation in plastic recycling industry

fixed aluminum scraps separation from crushed rubber .


Working Principle of eddy currents non-ferrous recycling machine  :

An Eddy Current Separator consists of a short belt conveyor that has its drive located at the return end and a high speed magnetic rotor system installed at the discharge end. The magnetic rotor, which is positioned within a separately rotating non-metallic drum, revolves at around 3000 rpm during operation while the outer drum cover rotates at the speed of the Eddy Currents’ belt conveyor. 

As the rotor spins at these high speeds, an electric current is induced into conducting metals. The induced electric current produces a magnetic field, which opposes the field created by the rotor, repelling the conducting metals over a pre-positioned splitter plate. The remaining materials such as plastics, glass and other dry recyclables will simply free-fall over the rotor, separating them from the repelled metals.


Important: When the waste(those that don’t contain ferrous particles) travelling over the magnetic must be in a thin layer to allow the magnetic perform to its best, in case processed metal waste is mixed with ferrous metal. The Ideal format for any metal separation is first magnetic ferrous discharge, onto a vibration conveyor to spread out and further separate the remaining metals to allow the Eddy current magnetic to work at its optimal efficiency.


Specification of eccentric eddy current aluminm recycling machine 

Suitable materials :


Magnetic aluminum recycling machine from crushed electrolytic capacitors

aluminum/copper caps and rings separated from crushed glass bottles scrap   

aluminum/copper recovery from  recyclable plastic scrap 

aluminum removal from rubber scraps/powder


Magnetic aluminum recycling machine from crushed electrolytic capacitors
 UBC(Beverage cans) sorting

aluminum scrap recovery from molding sand     

to Separate non-ferrous metals from wood waste 


Packaging & Shipping

1.Packing:Export packing for magnetic non-ferrous metal separator 

2.Shipping time: 60 days after receive the deposit


Our Services

As a professional automation and separating systems manufactures for more than 10years,honesty, reliability, commitment and competence are our unchanged values.

Thanks to the superior suppliers (Nord,Simens &Schneider) ,well-equipped professional engineers and strong technical force, we keep our consistent high quality.

strict quality checked for every machine before packing, engineers available to service machinery overseas, inaddition, there is not only after sales service support, but also technology support, "keep improing, persuing excellence" would be keep forever.


we can design and manufacture completely metal solution line or simply furnish eddy current non-ferrous separato or any other piece of magnetic separation equipment.

    Non-ferrous Separator             Perm Magnetic Separator         ElectroMagnetic separator    Overhand Magnectic Separator



      Magnetic Pulley                              Magnetic Drum                     Dry Magnetic Separator          Wet Magnetic Separator



             Magnetic Grid                  Magnetic Grate Separator            Magnetic Chute                        Liquid Magnetic Trap




Q:What kind of metal is eddy current applied to?

A:Eddy Current Separator suitable for aluminum, copper, brass.etc non-ferrous scraps separation from non - metal materials of size >3mm.


Q: Which type should I use for my recycling plant?

A: In order to recommend the most suitable model, please let us know the material`s situation .including the composition , size ,handling capacity and expected separation result .


Q:What are the pros and cons between a concentric pole rotor compared with and eccentric rotor design?

A: The eccentric type is much suitable for complicated material situation , The eccentric rotor design reduces long-term wear due to heated ferrous build up ,can effectively avoid the device damage caused by impurity ferrous metal.  

Exclusive the ferrous influence , the concentric type have a little bit better separation effect,but must make sure no ferrous exist.  









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