Wireless concentrator and other equipment for water meter

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Product Overview


  Wireless concentrator and other equipment for water meter


Wireless remote communication function

The terminal embedded GPRS/CDMA wireless data communication module, which uses GPRS/CDMA wireless data service to read the terminal data. GPR / CDMA wireless data communication follows the relevant standards of international, national and wireless communication products network detection organizations. Drawing on the advantages of similar product design ideas in foreign countries, the company has integrated the past years of research and development experience of collecting terminal products, with high reliability, large capacity, low delay, good openness, high reliability, large capacity, low delay, and good openness. The GPRS/CDMA wireless data communication of the terminal is by means of TCP/IP or SMS, when using TCP/ IP mode communication terminal can be configured to TCP mode or UDP mode.


Main Tech. Parameters


1). Shape dimension:


2). Electrical parameters:


Normal working voltage

AC220V ±10%

Static power consumption


Dynamic power consumption


3). Load capacity:


4 downlink ports, each port can be connected to ≤ 128  meters, @each meter 1.5mA

Max. load capacity per M-bus: ≤250mA @28V

RS485 Port

3 downlink ports, each port can be connected to ≤64 meters

Note:When the downlink is connected to the collector, connected meter ≤1500sets

4). Climatic conditions:

Normal working temp. 


Working temp. limit


Storage & transport temp.


Storage & working humidity


5). Technical parameter:

Panel Display

160*160 lattice monochrome LCD, diode backlight


6 buttons: up, down, left, right, cancel, confirm

Data Transmission

Standard GPRS data transmission mode;

Micro-power wireless communication module;

Infrared communication mode;

Ethernet interface can be configured according to needs;

Local transport interface

1 way USB maintenance Serial Port, 3 way RS485/(4way MBUS), 1 way USB, 1 way Modulated infrared

Remote upgrade

Not supported for the time being

Storage capacity

FLASH capacity: 128MB SDRAM capacity: 64m

6). Wireless module technical parameters:

Frequency range




Max. transmit power


Reliable communication distance

Open area communication distance 1 KL.

Emission current

≤95mA (transmitting power100mW)

Receive current


Preset frequency

Default: 426.5MHz,

8 bands available: 426.5MHz, 428.5MHz, 429.7MHz, 432.4MHz, 434.5MHz, 435.7MHz, 440.1MHz, 441.1MHz


GFSK, 18K frequency offset

Antenna impedance




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