7.5mva 33kv semi-trailer mobile substation

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Product Overview


7.5mva 33kv semi-trailer mobile substation

Product Description
1. Product introduction
The Mobile Substation,manufactured by Beijing Daelim is mainly used as a quick substation to the conventional substation to resume power supply in emergency. It be Used In the high-load season alleviate the shortage of power supply capacity and As a temporary substation put into operation. It can be put into immediate ser vice with just a simple laid out,connecting to the incoming and outgoing cables upon arrival at the site. The mobile substation has the advantages of compact structure,reliable operation,complete functions,highly intelligent,quick site operation,less maintenance,etc, Prefabricated semi-care hanging car mobile substation can be designed according to user requirements, can be configured as twin car or bicycle or car based on user conditions.
2. Function & features 
It has all the function of ordinary substation.
(1) It is Include control, protection, lighting protection and step-down and other functions.
(2) It can be assigned to several power users of branches.

It is easy to install and put into operation quickly. 

Just connect the cable to put into operation. 

It has shock absorption, temporary rod, circuit components soft connection and other shock measures.
3. Structural composition 

It is divided into HV part, main transformer, LV switchgear room. 

High pressure switches use HGIS or open type isolating switch and magnetic pole breaker as the main switch, mounted on a trailer.

LV switchgear room include: Low voltage side switch cabinet, control power supply, DC screen and measuring equipment control protection.
4. LV inner switchgear features

 Use three-layer insulation shell; 

Air-conditioned, open on demand; 

Shell protection grade up to IP43 substation; 

Indoor DC power supply battery of low-voltage switchgear is fully sealed products.

1Main transformer capacityMVA5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 31.5, 40, 50
2Rated voltage of the switch on HV sidekV33, 35, 66, 110, 132, 145, 220
3Rated current on HV sideA630, 1250, 2000
4Rated short circuit breaking currentkA25, 31.5, 40
5Rated voltage of the switch on LV sidekV6.6, 11, 13.8, 22, 33, 35
6Rated current on LV sideA1250, 2000, 2500, 3150
7Rated short circuit breaking currentkA25, 31.5, 40
8Rated frequencyHz50/60
Ambient Environment
10Ambient temperature-40 ~ +60
11Solar radiationW/m21000
13Height above sea levelm≤2000
14Wind Speedm/s40
15EarthquakeHorizontal accelerationgGeneral area:0.15g Stricken area:0.3g
Vertical accelerationgGeneral area:0.075g Stricken area:0.15g




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