New Magic Smoking Tobacco Holder Tube Metal Cigarette Cone For Home Care Use

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Product Overview


New Magic Smoking Tobacco Holder Tube Metal Cigarette Cone  For Home Care Use


Product Description


1.Magic smoking holder is not an electronic cigarette that is usually seen. It is inserted into a normal cigarette, people feelings is as good as usual smoking .      

2.Magic smoking holder can give you less harm to your body and your family.

3. Because there is no fireworks and soot,and the smell of smoke is still very small, driving, playing games, staying home and public places need this magic smoking holder.

4. Reducing nicotine damage to the respiratory tract and lungs cause to healthier and safer.

5. Do reduce the scald of smoke opponents and effectively prevent yellowing of fingers.

6. To avoid direct contact between smoke and mouth, effectively reduce the yellow teeth

7. With environmental design, cigarette butts directly fall inside the chimney

8. Magic smoking holder are necessary for home ,car and briefcase because of its easy carry and use.



Working principle:

The mouthpiece is used to reduce nicotine's damage to the human body (nicotine is attached to the mouthpiece). The ash will fall into the ash base container.It is Simple, convenient, safe, environmentally, healthy way   that a ash container hold 2-3 cigarette ash,while conveniently remove the ash container and drain away the ash and cigarette butts.


Packaging & Shipping

Product Size: 160*25*25MM

Gross weight: 70g /Net weight 55g


0.0132 s.