High Frequency Engineering Seismic Seismograph Refraction Equipment for Sale

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Chongqing Gold Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing and developing of Geophysical Exploration Instrument such as Resistivity Meter, IP Instrument, Resistivity Imaging, Seismic Instrument, Magnetic Instrument, Borehole Camera, Borehole Logger, Drilling Equipment&Accessory and Geodetic Surveying Instrument.


 High Frequency Engineering Seismic Seismograph Refraction Equipment for Sale


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Our company makes the engineering seismograph by referring to other advanced seismograph home and abroad. It is true 24-bit and for Chinese WINDOWS. The seismic refraction equipment is not only based on our designing experiences, but also adopt latest electronic technique and design ideal. The seismic seismograph is characterized with multi-function, high accuracy, high speed, reliable data and good expandability.

Exciting source can be Hammer, spark or explosion. Exploration depth ranges from a few meters to several hundred meters, and greater deep seismic data can be gained by using time-lapse function.

The seismograph is applicable for seismic reflection survey, seismic refraction survey, seismic surface wave method, foundation pile inspection, micro-seismic survey, seismic image, shake measurement, and wave speed (secondary wave) testing.


The seismic refraction equipment is extensively used in hydrogeology, electric power, railway, bridge, urban architecture, traffic and other engineering geology prospecting. The seismograph also can be used for petroleum, coalfield, uranium ore, ground water and other resource exploration.


Main Application


Building base, roadbed and foundation engineering detection

1. Cavity survey, cavern survey
2. Quaternary overburden layer delamination
3. Foundation soil type and dangerous geology body survey
4. Foundation soil medium physical property delamination survey
5. Foundation stabilization and roadbed backfill rolling survey
6. Bedrock depth and concealed geology structure prospecting

Tunnel construction detection

1. Tunnel line survey and wall rock classification
2. Concrete lining quality detection
3. Tunnel bottom detection and leading exploration
4. Tremor monitoring

Large and medium reservoir monitoring

1. Dykes and dam incipient fault detection
2. Reservoir sedimentation survey and exclusion sedimentation quality inspection
3. Large and medium dam jackstone inspection

Bridge engineering inspection

1. Bridge pier foundation inspection
2. Bridge pier concrete inspection
3. Bridge tremor inspection
Environmental and geologic Engineering hazard detection and appraisal

Landslide, karst, mud and stone flow, dig-out area, active fault and other detection




1. Fast sampling----true 24-bit A/D, minimum sampling interval: 50μs for 24 channel.

2. Rendering original signal perfectly----perfect amplitude and phase consistency, low distortion, band outside shearing better than 72dB (shearing frequency point changing with sampling frequency automatically, removing alias completely).

3. High-speed data transfer----Transmitting data by USB port between internal industrial PC and data collector. Advanced hardware make the sampling and transferring data simultaneously.

4. Powerful software function----sampling software under WINDOWS supports all kinds data acquisition of seismic methods (shallow reflection, refraction, secondary wave speed testing, micro-seismic survey, high density image and other application). Data displaying and rolling screen are very quick by using advanced graphic technique. Channel on the screen is adjustable, 128 channel maximum.

5. Industrial PC configuration----PIII 533MHz, 128M memory, 40G harddisk, interior CD-ROM, 800 600TFT true color LCD, Chinese character tablet, small keyboard, photoelectric mouse, 32M Flash-Memory, double serial port, one parallel port, double USB port, mouse port, keyboard port. Seismic data collecting and transacting is convenient.

6. Configuration and expansibility----DOS or WINDOWS software available. Instrument can be upgraded to 48 channel seismograph by purchasing data collecting card and software.

7. Stack survey support----Combined with our WZKD-1 electric stack switcher, stack survey can be realized efficiently.

8. Reasonable configuration---- anti-shake, damp-proof and dust-proof design.



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