1,2, 4, 5, 6, 18 мм поликарбонатный твердый лист для карантина защитная пластина

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1.2, 4, 5, 6, 18mm Polycarbonate Solid Sheet for quarantine Protect plate

> The JIASIDA surface functional sheet not only has optical charity, but aslo has a unique wear resistance and UV protection, which makes it an ideal choice for safe and protective lighting, suitable for various applications. It has transparent color or custom colors, and can be used to produce flat and curved surface.The unique coating system gives the sheet high abrasion resistance, or fog resistance, and improves the anti-UV aging performance.Some product level can be modeled into(moderately) three-deimensional shapes.

Jiasida polycarbonate solid sheets for Goggles


Jiasida surface functional polycarbonate sheet applications:
Special vehicle lighting
Equipment Dashboard
Police car glass
Train glass
Motorcycle windshield 
Protective lighting
Bulletproof sandwich structure
Sunglass and goggles
Machine protective devices

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Q – What is the fire rating of Polycarbonate sheet ?
Class B1 fire rating which is an excellent fire rating.

Q – Is the Polycarbonate sheet unbreakable?
The material is virtually unbreakable, and will resist most impact resistant situations, however they will not guarantee 100% the material is unbreakable, for example if the material was to be in an explosive situation or to be used in a ballistic situation.

Q – What is the difference between Polycarbonate sheet and Acrylic sheet ?
The main difference between the two is Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable, acrylic is much stronger than glass, but it will break/shatter if force is applied. Polycarbonate is a class 1 fire rating where Acrylic is a class 3 / 4 fire rating.

Q – How to choose the suitable sheets for us?

If you are not sure that which kind of sheet taht you will use,you can contact us and tell your application,our sales will introduce the suitable sheets for you.And we will provide you more informations about the sheets.

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