2 color printer RS4 slotter carton machine with rubber cushion (60819362979)

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Product Overview


Corrugated carton boxes machine/Factory price flexo printing with slotter machine


Feeding part

14 (4)

1 Light alloy aluminum back-kicking vacuum absorption paper mechanism stable operation of the machine

2 Computer and electronical numerical control of the left and right paper blocking plate and the back blocking box position

3 Successive or partitioned paper feeding, infrared ray and photoelectric counting, total-locking mechanism


 printing part

14 (1)

1 High precision dynamic equilibrium anilox roller. Exquisite printing result

2 Printing phase, computer and electrical numerical control 360 degrees adjustment

3 Crosswise adjusting the printing plate roller, computer and electrical numerical control,the control range is ±5mm

4 The space adjustment of driving roller, paper rolling roller, rubber roller and anilox roller adopts auto-locking mechanism

5 Plate piping, position returning, printing oil testing, part brake positioning and water ink cleaning mechanism

6 Installed with fast plate hanging mechanism


die-cutting part

1 Die-cutting knife, computer and electrical numerical control

2 Rubber dressing roller cutting and repairing mechanism . The rubber dressing can be used repeatedly which can save the cost greatly

3 Rubber dressing roller machinery cam-type crosswise ±35mm moving device which can prolong the life of the cutting rubber dressing



die cutting unit

14 (3)

(1) Plant gear structure
(2) Die-cutting phase adopt computer phase controller and electric digital 3600 adjustment. (Adjustment can be done while machine running or stop )
(3) Manual control horizontal movement position, adjustable distance: 7mm





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