Hand operated small olive oil filter press

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Product Overview


\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\tProduct description \t\t\t\t\t\t\t

Hand operated small olive oil filter press

Manual filter press data

Filter plate size
Cake thickness
Filter Press Chamber volume
0.5L to 10L
3L to 90L
4.5L to 175L
5L to 200L
Max. filtration pressure
10 bar
12 bar
10 bar
10 bar
Max. squeezing pressure
12 bar
16 bar
Max. filtration temperature
120 ℃
120 ℃
120 ℃
120 ℃
Filter inlet
Clamp 1"
Flange DN50
Flange DN50
Flange DN50
Filter outlet
Clamp 1"
Flange DN50
Flange DN50
Flange DN50
Chamber plate type
membrane plate type
CGR chamber plate type
CGR membrane plate type
Plate feed type
corner feed
Center feed
Center feed
Center feed
Filtrate discharge way
Open or Close type,and cake washable or non-washable type
Filter pressing type
Hydraulic jack
Plate shifting type
Manual operation
Filter plate material
FRPP (Reinforced polypropylene)
Membrane material
Filter Press Frame material
SS304/316 etc.
Carbon steel and paint antisepsis or SS304 
Filter cloths material
PP, PE, Nylon etc.  Filter cloths included for different testing purpose
Material of seal ring for CGR plate and CGR cloths
Valve material
SS304, SS316, PP, etc.
Feed pump material
SS304, SS316, PP, Aluminum, Carbon steel,etc.
Feed pump for filter press
AODD pump,small screw pump,centrifugal pump,etc.


Filter Press Plate
Chay filter can provide filter plates of various size from 150 * 150mm to 2000 * 2000mm.
Chayo filter can provide various types of filter plates such as CGR filter plate(Gasketed filter plate), NG filter plate(Non-gasketed filter plate), membrane filter plate(diaphragm squeezing filter plate) and plate and frame filter plate, etc.

Filter Press Automatic Plate Shifter eliminates the need for operator intervention during filter cake discharge. The automatic plate shifter is used in conjunction with the Full Automation Control System, or with custom PLC controls, to provide the highest level of filter press automation available. An automatic plate shifter is desirable when there are multiple filter presses installed in one location, where operator contact with the filter cake is undesirable, or where a dedicated operator is not available to shift each filter plate every time the filter press is opened. The automatic plate shifter features continuously adaptive shifting speed to optimize filter cake discharge times. Shifter speed is varied throughout each
plate shift to provide quick and smooth operation.
In applications where the filter cake may not discharge immediately when shifting the plates due to adhesion to the filter cloth, a pneumatic “bump” mechanism is available as an attachment to the automatic plate shifter. When the bump option is included, the lift mechanism attached to the shifter carriage on one side of the filter press lifts the filter
plate handle on that side of the press and drops it. The force of the filter plate handle impacting the sidebar knocks the filter cake loose from the cloth.

Chayo filter automatic plate shifters can also be built with an automated filter cloth washer. Our design is the most compact and efficient on the market. It takes up a minimal amount of space above and around the filter press. It is designed with a variable speed drive so the cloth washer can run fast for a heavy rinse or more slowly for very soiled cloths.The washer can run up to 50 HP (1500 psi) and is outfitted with 26 nozzles that clean all the way to the edge of the filter plate.We can also retrofit this design.

Chayo filter can provide various cake hopper for almost any size press for easy handling of
discharged solids. The hopper has portable manual type, hydraulic automatic type, pneumatic automatic type, etc.

A blanking (back-up) plate is a solid backing plate that provides structural support for the tail plate so it can be inserted at any position in the plate stack to isolate the chambers between the tail plate and the manifold end of the filter press. This allows the filter press to be operated at reduced volume if the slurry batch being fed to the press varies. The blanking plate simply provides support for the web of the recessed chamber in the tail plate so it does not deform into the recess of another plate.

Chayo filter’s standard air blowdown / evenfill manifold consists of piping and valves which control the slurry inlet and connect the four corner filtrate discharge ports into a common discharge pipe. Valves are provided to accommodate typical filter press operation.Custom configurations are also available.
Even Fill: The even fill manifold design provides the ability to close the lower two filtrate discharge ports and force the filtrate to exit the upper ports. This ensures that the filter press fills with fluid evenly during the initial stages of the filtration cycle which encourages the filter cake to build evenly on the cloths.
Air Blowdown: The air blowdown feature allows compressed air to be introduced into one or both of the upper filtrate ports in order to purge free liquid from the filter press prior to opening the press. Following the filtration cycle, the feed port is closed and the appropriate valves are closed to force the discharge to the diagonal lower port from the compressed air inlet. This
minimizes fluid discharge from the filter press when the plate stack is opened, improves overall cake dryness, and aids in cake release.
Pre-coat Option (not shown): Pre-coat refers to the process of applying diatomaceous earth or perlite “filter aid” on the face of the filter cloths prior to initiating the filtration cycle. A slurry is prepared in an M.W. Watermark pre-coat skid and pumped through the press until the tank is clear. This applies a thin layer of filter aid to the cloths within the press to improve filtrate clarity in critical applications, aid in cake release and minimize solids breakthrough during the filtration cycle.
Available Materials: PVC, CPVC, Polypropylene, 304SS, 316SS – other materials available per application.

Chayo filter offers leg extensions and discharge chutes to allow filter cake to be discharged
directly to a drum or bulk bag. The extended legs raise the press to allow room for a single or multiple barrels to catch the filter cake when released from the press. Smaller filter press may still be operated from ground level.

An Chayo filter press can be designed to allow for future expandability by including a removable expansion piece. The filter press is designed for the maximum anticipated volume, but is initially supplied at a reduced volume.The expansion piece extends the hydraulic cylinder to reach the plate stack at the smaller initial volume. When expansion of the press is desired, the expansion piece is removed, allowing for installation of the additional filter plates.

A light curtain provides maximum operator safety by stopping all press motion should anything reach into the plate stack area and break the light beam. Placed on either or both sides of the filter press, the light curtain consists of a sending unit and a receiving unit. Infrared light travels between the two units. Operation will not continue until the obstruction is out of the light curtain area and the operator has pressed a reset button. Once the follower is positioned tightly against the plate stack and sufficient hydraulic pressure has been achieved, the light curtain is no longer operational.

Chayo filter presses can be equipped with a safety guard, which consists of a wire mesh screen
mounted on the non-operating side of the press.The purpose of the safety guard is to prevent injuries to personnel who might approach the press from the non-operating side while the press is opening or closing or when a plate shifter is operating.

Characters Description of Chayo filter press

Filter Frame
All parts of the frame are sandblasted by high-speed air blasting machine, which makes the paint adhesion stronger and not easy to fall off. 
Hydraulic station 
used carbon steel material, processed by pickling, phosphating, plastic spray treatment, clean inside, neat and generous appearance.
Filter plate
plate suface smooth,flat,no cracks,pores.the dimensional deviation between the two sealing surfaces of the machined filter plate is within the range of -0.5mm to+1.5mm, plate press pressure above 2.0MPa.

Automatic plate shifting 
the plate shifting equipped with pause function, Using remote control or push-pull rod control method can be used to control the starting and stopping action in any time during plate shifing process to ensure personal safety and smooth discharge process.
Automatic drip tray device
it can automatically close to collect water when washing cloth and filtering, and it can can be avoid water falling into the mud cake or the ground under dehydrator,when filter press start to the process of cake discharge,the device will automatically open for
Automatic cloth washing device
it can realize automatic press cloth cleaning, The device adopts PLC automatic control,The press cloth automatic cleaning device consists of a high-pressure cleaning pump, a nozzle, a washing rack, a walking mechanism, etc. 

Control system
electric control box, with the feature of one-key start and stop, which can realize the automatic control of all functions and actions of the filter press itself. main electrical components brands in the electronic control cabinet: schneider, Siemens, ABB, etc.
Filter cloth
we can supply more than one hundred materials and different specifications to meet customer’s requirement,workshop equipped special laser CNC cutting machine,which can be precisely locate of the processing size of the press cloth and ensure the size is of each press cloth is the same. 
Automatic cloth inclining and cake discharging device
main function is to hang and tensify the press cloth, so that the press cloth is always in a state of tension when the filter plate is pulled or pressed, and make the press cloth shake and easy to be unloaded in the process of pulling the plate to unload the cake.

\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\tworkshop \t\t\t\t\t\t\t

\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\tApplication Industry \t\t\t\t\t\t\t

Food Industries: 
yellow rice wine, liquor, fruit juice, beverage, beer, yeast, citric acid, plant protein, plant secretin, glucose, maltose, fixe d powder, rice flour, ban rice milk, gelatin, carrageenan, monosodium glutamate, spices, sauce, oral liquid, soy milk, seaweed
Metallurgy Industries:
gold, silver, copper, iron, zinc) concentrate/tailings, acid leaching/anode mud, etc.
Oil Industries:
white oil, sesame oil, sesame oil, cottonseed oil, lubricating oil, palm oil, a variety of animal oil, light oil,glycerin, machinery oil, vegetable oil.
Non-metallic ore Industries: 
kaolin, bentonite, active soil, porcelain, electronic ceramic soil, phosphate rock, calcium carbonat
Sewage treatment :
 chemical sewage, smelting sewage, electroplating sewage, leather sewage, printing and dyeing sewage, brewing sewage, pharmaceutical sewage, environmental sewage, etc.

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Hangzhou Chayo Environmenal Technology Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise who supply a complete set of service of press filter including, manufacture,design,install,debugging&EPC. Chayo has more than 10 year experience in field of solid and liquid separation technology,mainly engaged in design &develop of deep dewater treatment of sludge /sewage treatment process and equipment, Chayo has provided more than 1000sets of various equipment and service for numerous deomestic and foreign enterprises, and its products and service have been widely used and won a good reputation.

Chayo offers different series, such as filter press cloth, chamber filter presses, membrane filter presses, plate and frame filter presses,lime dosing device,flocculant dosing device,screw conveyor,antomatic system and sludgeand dewatering equipments and specially designed filter presses according to different filtration materials. our fully automatic palm oil membrane filter presses are for oil fractionation, our automatic carrageenan membrane filter presses have automatic filter cloth washing system, our automatic medicine filter presses comply with GMP requirements, etc. we offer special filter press design services to meet special industrial filtering requirements.

Owning to our rich experience in solid-liquid separation, we optimize the filtration of your plants to meet your special needs. If you need detailed information, please send emails to us.

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