High purity New PSA Industry Oxygen Generator (60821008190)

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Shenlong Gas Equipment is specialized in manufacturing gas equipment. This company is located at Qitong Road, Yuqi Town, Huishan District, Wuxi, China, adjacent to Yuqi Exit of Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway. With design, R&D, production, sales, service after sales together. We are in the position to provide food nitrogen generatorPSA Nitrogen Generatorhigh purity nitrogen generatormembrane separating nitrogen generatorindustrial oxygen generatorPSA Oxygen Generatorhigh purity Oxygen generator, etc. The products are widely used in various industries.

Product Description


For the same adsorbed gas (adsorbate) in any adsorprtion, the lower temperature, the higher pressure and the larger adsorbing capacity when absorption remains stable; otherwise, the higher temperature, the lower pressure and the smaller adsorbing capacity. If the temperature remains unchanged, desorption with decompression (vacuum pumping) or under normal pressure is called pressure swing adsorption (PSA) in the event of adsorption under compression.

As shown above, the size of adsorption of oxygen and nitrogen by carbon molecular sieve varies largely. Nitrogen and oxygen can be separated due to the size difference of oxygen and nitrogen adsorption from the air under some pressure. When the pressure rises, carbon molecular sieve adsorbs oxygen and generates nitrogen; when the pressure falls to normal, the sieve desorbs oxygen and regenerates nitrogen. Usually, the PSA nitrogen generator has two adsorbers, one of which adsorbs oxygen and produces nitrogen, and the other desorbs oxygen and regenerates nitrogen. In this way, nitrogen is produced continuously.



1. The equipment employs non-unipotential pressure-equalizing processes until consumption of compressed air is reduced directly.

2. Ae can select the most energy-saving molecular sieve according to customers' conditions.

3. Advanced load adaptive technology to further reduce energy consumption.

4. Advanced packing technology to make carbon molecular sieve more compact and uniform and minimize friction coefficient.

5. Most reliable gas supply treatment to ensure adsorption efficiency and service life of the sieve.

6. Switchover valves and components of famous brands employed to ensure product quality.

7. Advanced automatic cylinder compaction technology.

8. The equipment can be monitored on a real-time.

9. Ineligible nitrogen can be emptied automatically.

10. Friendly HMI.

SL-QC Technical Data Sheet



Parameters Applications

1. Metal heat treatment: Bright quenching and annealing, carburization, controlled atmosphere, powdered metal sintering.

2. Chemistryxoverage, inert gas shielding, pressure transmission, paint, edible oil agitation.

3. Petroleum: Nitrogen drilling, oil well repair, refining, natural gas recovery.

4. Chemical fertilizer: Nitrogenous fertilizer, catalyst protection, washing gas.

5. Electronics: Treatment of large scale integrated circuit, color television kinescope, television set and radio cassette recorder components and semiconductor.

6. Food:Food packaging, beer refreshment, non-chemical disinfection, fruit and vegetable refreshment.

7. Pharmacy: medical-purposed nitrogen-filled packing, transportation and protection, spicery pneumatic transmission.

8. Coal: Fire fighting and extinguishment for coal, gas replacement during mining.

9. Rubber: Anti-aging protection for production of crosslinked cable and rubber products.

10. Glass: Gas protection for float glass during production.

11. Document protection: Antiseptic treatment and inert gas protection for unearthed relics, paintings, calligraphy, bronze ware and silk fabrics, etc.



1. Leave the entire equipment standing in place simply.

2. Leave the entire equipment unmanned when it works because it employs Siemens PLC, equipped with fault alarm.

3. There is a standard R232 port in the control box of intelligent nitrogen generator. So the nitrogen generator can be remote- monitored when it is connected to the User's DCS.




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Wooden boxes in accordance with export requirements.



1,Are you factory or trade company?
--We are professional nitrogen generator factory!

2.How can i get your pricelist?
--Send an enquiry to us and tell us u need our pricelist,our sales will reply u within 12hours with pricelist.

3,Can i get an sample to check quality before mass order?
--You can visit our factory before you order our products.

4,Any guarantee for your products?
--Our company’s culture is”Quality is our culture!”All of our products with 12months FREE GUARANTEE,never need to worry about the after-sale service,we will always be here to support your business!

5,Any certifications for your products?
--Our  products can pass ISO 9001 etc certifications,so they can be sold to worldwide safely!

6,How about the delivery time?
--Usually for 15~30days.

7,Do u support OEM/ODM service?
--Yes,we do support,we have experienced R&D team,so welcome to place OEM/ODM orders to us.

8,At last,about the payment terms,any convenient and safe way for our buyers?

--We have paypal,alibaba pay,T/T, payment terms options,do business with us,your money will be in safe,your business will be in safe!

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