Новое состояние, заземляющий фильтр диатомита, фильтр для пивного сусла, WK250

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New condition diatomite earth filter, beer wort filter, WK250


All parts of the beer wort filter are made of stainless steel. And the filter acid can be diatomaceous earth, perlite or activated clay. also you can use some activated carbon as smell remover. The filtration precision can be 99.8%, it can separate the solid parts with the size of 0.1-1micron to reach filtration and purification, with right operation, also it can separate escherichia coli.

beer wort filter


The features of the beer wort filter:

1. beautiful shape, easy operation, low costs, and high efficiency.

2. after diatomite filtration, flavor unchanged, without suspended matter and sediment, clear and lucency, high degree of filtration precision, and lowest fluid loss.

3. this filter is easy to clean, small area occupation, light and flexible, convenient to move.


beer wort filter


Structure and work principle of beer wort filter

beer wort filter


Other equipments for bigger capacity beer filteration.

beer wort filter


beer wort filter


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beer wort filter


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beer wort filterbeer wort filter


beer wort filter

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