Stamford Style AC Brushless Alternator 8kw-500kw price

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Product Overview


Tech datas

MODEL3-PHASE 50Hz /1500RPM 380V-440V 3-PHASE 60Hz /1800RPM 440V-480V DIMENSIONWEIGHT
JET 164A8.16.510.28.264×54×7295
JET 164B118.813.81164×54×72102
JET 164C13.510.816.913.564×54×72110
JET 164D1612.8201664×54×72116
JET 184E22.51828.82384×59×75133
JET 184F27.52234.427.584×59×75156
JET 184G31.32537.530 84×59×75172
JET 184H37.53046.937.584×59×75226
JET 184J4032504084×59×75236
JET 224C42.53452.54296×66×102275
JET 224D504062.55096×66×102295
JET 224E6048705696×66×102315
JET 224F72.55887.57096×66×102345
JET 224G856897.57896×66×102385
JET 274C1008011894126×76×102415
JET 274D11491138110126×76×102435
JET 274E140112168134126×76×102485
JET 274F160128190152126×76×102530
JET 274G175140213170126×76×102580
JET 274H200160245196126×76×102630
JET 274J230184281224.8130×76×102750
JET 274K250200299239.2130×76×102760
JET 444C250200294235151×79×107880


Detailed description

1.Brushless synchronous alternator with Stamford technology.

2.Output range:6.5kw - 1150kw single-phase and three-phase

3.High-performance Convenient installation and maintenance

4.Three phase 4 wire, optional 50Hz/60Hz, 1500/1800RPM

5.4-pole, brushless alternator with AVR, H class insulation, IP21

6. Be suitable for various brands engine, international standard SAE port, double bearing as optional21 

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 Stamford type alternator -01.jpg

Product Features

1.Advanced automatic voltage regulator control for trouble-free operation under the most demanding condition

2.Easy paralleling with mains or other generators .Standard 2/3 pitch windings avoid excessive neutral currents.

3.Dynamically balanced rotor, with sealed-for-life ball bearings and single or two-bearing construction.

4. Simple installation and maintenance with easy access to terminals, rotating diodes and coupling bolts.

5.Wide range of Flange adaptor and single bearing coupling disc.


Stamford type alternator -05

Voltage regulation

Voltage regulation refers to the change of voltage from no-load to full-load with power factor ranging from 0.5 to 1 and 2.8%s fluctuation of the speed of engine. Voltage is adjusted via potentiometer of AVR, model: SX460, SX440

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Insulation Class H

All regulatory components are made up with special materials and are immersed in lacquer by peculiar

tech. Vanish and colophony materials are develop to strengthen the processing and machinery intensity of windings and revolving parts for protecting the alternator work under corrosive environment.

Stamford type alternator -03
Warranty policy

JET product has guarantee for one year or 1200 hours whichever reach first from ex-factory date. During the guarantee period, our will provide the free easy-damageable spare parts of alternator caused by our quality of production or raw material. After expiration, our provides cost spare parts maintenance of alternator.


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