Mobile reverse osmosis system for emergency water supply and outdoor cleaning windows RO machine, portable water desalinator

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Product Overview


YOUBER Hot-sales products for water purification 

2000LPD machine.jpgbucket filter.jpg       hand operated UF machine.jpg

 Watermaker for boats         Gravity UF filter for home drinking water         Hand operated UF system


500L/Hour for emergency water supply

used in outdoor survival, earthquake water use, flood wate use etc,

drinking water use Portable RO system

Product Description


YB-ROS-500LPH mobile drinking water RO system technical parameters

*Tesing flow rate600L/HRecovery rate30%
*Suggested to use flow rate500L/HPower 2.7KW 
Applicable powerAC220V 50HZWorking temperature 5-45℃
Inlet TDS<2000ppmFreshwater TDS<20ppm
Design pressure300PSIWorking pressure≤250PSI
Inlet water residual chlorine<0.1ppmInlet water SDI<5
Inlet water turbidity <1Inlet water PHNeutral


500L/H mobile RO unit Main configuration

Model/main configuration


Core filtration component

 4040 desalination membrane 2 pcs


5 micron 20inch PP filter 2PCS

20inch carbon filter 2pcs 

Post treatment

10W America Hanovia UV sterilizer 

Raw water pump

High quality raw water pump 

High-pressure pump

CNP high pressure pump  


 high-pressure pump Inlet water pressure gauge, fresh water flow meter, high pressure pump outlet pressure gauge, concentrated water flow meter, RO controller

Online conductivity meter

Korida online conductivity meter

Optional Configuration

liquid level switch, sand filter, etc 




















YOUBER hand pull type mobile RO machine Advantages & Characteristics:

500LPH RO system4.jpg

strong wheels.jpg


1. Hand pull, easy to move.

2. Strong wheels, suitable for any kinds of situation. 

3. For emergency outdoor drinking water supply like in earthquake, floor drinking water, outdoor cleaning activities etc. 

4. Large flow rate to suit community or family drinking water use. 

5. OEM/ODM service based on customers needs. 


We also can customized other kinds of outdoor movable Ro system:

Closed ro system.jpgoutdoor water filter


Besides, We also can make Portable seawater desalination RO system in different models. 

Portable seawater desalination RO system application range: 



Portable seawater/salty water desalination RO system can be used in: 

(1)  seaside villa, seaside villa house drinking water use; 

(2)  island family, island restaurant, island hotel drinking water use; inflatable water islands and island drinking water purifier; 

(3)  salty alkali lake, rivers in some middle east regions drinking water; 

(4)  desert underground water drinking water use, underground water purifier;

(5)  marine drinking water use, marine boats, marine ships, army boats,  army ships, marine lights boats, marine drinking water maker; 

1000LPD desalinator.jpgfeed water pumps.jpg



Packaging & Shipping


Packaging details: 

Portable seawater desalination RO machine packing: Plywood case packing for exporting. 

500L/day seawater desalination RO machine, packing size: 750x600x790mm, 80KG. 

500LPD desalinator packing.png



One unit RO machine, you can ship via courier or by air. If more than 2 units, we suggest by air or by sea. We have shipping forwarder to deliver all over the world, customers also can use your own shipping agents.  


We are specilized in manufacturing portable seawater desalination RO system; 

Models: 500L/day, 1000L/day, 2000L/day, 5000L/day, 8000L/day, 1000L/day seawater desalination RO machine for drinking water use. Other models also can be customized. 


Our Services



YOUBER Culture introduction: 

YOUBER Company Product Positioning: Outdoor water purification device 
YOUBER Company Positioning: Professional manufacturer for outdoor water purification device 
YOUBER Company Mission: To make safe drinking water available to everyone in the world anywhere
YOUBER Company Core Values: helping others is to achieve ourselves
YOUBER Company Vision: To become the world's first brand of outdoor water purification

The definition of YOUBER’s "outdoor water purification":
Although entering the 21st century, there are still many people in the world who do not have safe drinking water.The number of people who die every year without safe drinking water is about millions! YOUBER is committed to solving the problem of safe drinking water for people in areas where clean drinking water is not available. Therefore, we claim the corresponding water purification solution for those who cannot easily obtain safe drinking water is called “outdoor water purification”. These include: seawater desalination solutions, solar water purification solutions, gravity water purification solutions, manual water purification programs, etc., covering areas such as poor areas, poor sanitation, islands, offshore operations, drilling platform, desert, Gobi, traditional outdoor operators (outdoor exploration, outdoor construction), outdoor sports enthusiasts, and emergency rescue water purification equipment.


We are mainly providing outdoor water filters as below:

ro water treatment plant.jpgemegency ro system.jpg300LPHROS1compact portable RO machine (1)

Suitcase UF machine.jpg


Company Information


Shenzhen Youber technology Co., LTD is concentrating on membrane technology as the core, and specialized in the outdoor water purification products R&D, production and sales.

YOUBER owns the outdoor water purifier production factory, and also owns R&D team, in the past ten years, we are mainly focus on R&D of the membrane technology and the outdoor water purification products, and get multiterm patents, the most advantaged and well-compliment from customers are our portable outdoor water filter, portable seawater desalination RO machine and other small size integrated water purification equipment. These products are mainly to solve the drinking water and domestic water problem in the outdoor or the municipal water shortage areas. Our customers come from all over the world, and mainly concentrated in North America, Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia and other regions and countries, including several well-known enterprises in water purification industry. At least 50 million people in the world today are using YOUBER’s manufacturing outdoor water purification products.


Health clean water is one of the necessary conditions of human survival depends on, and in today's global development of industrialization, the world less and less available water resources, environmental pollution is more and more serious, Shenzhen Youber Technology CO., LTD aims to improve the global water as own duty, With science and technology innovation, the good faith management as the core competitiveness, Open our eyes to the whole world, YOUBER hopes to cooperate with the like-minded friends from all over the world, to contribute to the water environment of the human.


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