Common Mode Choke Coils Inductor Ferrite Core (60823417934)

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The advantages of toroidal inductors are The smaller size of Toroidal Inductors allows for excellent efficiency while maintaining top level performance.Lower Cost—With smaller sizes that use less raw materials, Toroidal Inductors are a highly economical choice.Efficient Design— Inductor designers can achieve shorter length of turn with smaller-sized Toroidal Inductors using less cooper wire and with no bobbin as with E-core designs.

1.Prevention of noise on signal lines and power lines for computer related or electronic products
2.As a preventive measure against noise terminal voltage or power supply noise in AC/DC DC/DC line noise suppression, TV/VCR unit sand communication system.
3.Used in AC/DC, DC/DC Line Noise Suppression, TV/VCR Units and Communication System
4.Video cameras.
5.Audio equipments.
6.TV tunners.
7.Switching power supplies.

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