Computer hot cold cut Woven Label, Tag, Printing label and Satin label cutting machine (60824375366)

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Computer hot cold cut Woven Label, Tag, Printing label and Satin label cutting machine



1. color catching function: automatic color tracing and no blank length trademark strip.

2. row waste mode: Auto chasing and cutting the blank length of the trademark with

3. fixed length mode: fixed length cutting, without electric eye cutting materials such as color belt, textile textile belt, woven ribbon, nylon belt, zipper, seat belt, knapsack belt, looser belt, cloth mark and so on with

4. precision: each cut is monitored by stepper motor, exceptions are also high precision The color sensor is used to ensure the accuracy of each operation.

5. the cross section is smooth: the hot knife can heat and seal the cut section of the colored ribbon and the light textile ribbon, and the seal is smooth without burrs. The blade is made of imported high quality steel and has a long service life.

6. automatic operation: only set the cut length and quantity you need, the rest of the work will automatically complete the

7. memory function: before the switch off, automatically store the cut length and cut off the number and cut off the speed of the machine is applicable to: Ribbon trademark, weaving Mark, cloth mark, color color belt, textile belt, ribbon, nylon belt, zipper, seat belt, magic It is used for cutting, knapsack belt, loose belt and so on. Applicable industries: handbags, suitcases, bags, garments, electronics, shoes, gifts and other industries.



Cutting Material: 

Fabric roll,fabric tape, braided tape,PVC tape, magic tape, leather belt, care label, bootlace etc.

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