V180F V250F V450F V750F V1100F V1500F V2200F Italy Tech Stainless Steel Electric Sewage Submersible Water Pump For Dirty Water

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V180F V250F V450F V750F V1100F V1500F V2200F Italy Tech Stainless Steel Electric Sewage Submersible Water Pump For Dirty Water
 Our company: 

1.We are professional manufacture with more than 27 years experience in water pump

2. We are Alibaba Assessed 10 years Gold Supplier   

3. Every year 500,000 to 600,000pcs of submersible pump were exported to others countries.

4.we test the material before production and three to four times when producing to ensure the goods  in good quality,also we produce according to customer's requirement

5.Best production capability,best quality control,best service

6.we can be your OEM manufacturer with your authorization of brand.

Product Description

Product Description






outlet dia


Max flow(m3/h)

Max head


winding wireImpellercutter/bladeThermal protectorcable
V250F0.251''4.57100% coppercast ironNoYes10m/7m
V450F0.451''1812100% coppercast ironNoYes10m/7m
V750F0.752''2014100% coppercast ironNoYes10m/7m
V1100F1.12''2517100% coppercast ironNoYes10m/7m
V1500F1.52''1826100% coppercast ironNoYes10m/7m
V2200F2.23''4016100% coppercast ironNoYes10m/7m
V1500T1.52''2025100% coppercast ironNoYes10m/7m
V800DF0.82''168100% coppercast ironNoYes10m/7m
V1100DF1.12''2515100% coppercast ironNoYes10m/7m

V1500DF1.52''3016100% coppercast ironNoYes10m/7m
V1100QG1.12''1816100% coppercast ironNoYes10m/7m
WQ15-15-1.1QG1.12''1815100% coppercast ironNoYes10m/7m
WQ25-15-2.2QG1.52''2816100% coppercast ironNoYes10m/7m



General lntroduction

General lntroduction to Products: 

QDX Small submerged electrical water pump referred to as electrical pump hereunder consists of three components,water

pump,sealing and electrical motor.The motor is mounted  on top of pump and divided into single phase and three-phase asynchronized types.The motor is mounted on top of pump and divided into single phase and three-phaseasynchronized types.The pump is below the motor and divided into centrifugal impeller and worm casing structures.

Double-facemechanic sealing is mountedbetween pump and motor.O shapedoilproof rubber sealing ring is used at each

stationary port as static sealing.

Condition of usage:

Condition of usage: 

1.The depth for the electrical pump below the water is no more than 5m; 

2.The temperature of the water is no higher of 40 °C; 

3.The pH figure of the water is between 6.5~8.5; 

4.The grain diameter of the solids in the water is no bigger than 0.2mm.



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