refillable empty oil pen atomizer vape quartz ceramic coil 510 atomizer cartridges (60824834766)

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Product Overview


refillable empty oil pen atomizer vape quartz ceramic coil 510 cartridge


Product Description


1.Specifications of NQC1 cartridge:



NQC1 cartridge


0.5ml, 1.0ml






Oil intake hole size

basic hole size 1.8mm, other size could be customized


Glass & Chrome-plating brass & Aluminum

Mouthpiece material





Red, Yellow, Blue, Green (Other colors customizable)




Unique Selling Point


2. NQC1 Unique Selling Points:


*Deliver Unadulterated Taste

Unique Quartz Coil is designed to deliver the quality and integrity of your premium extracts

*Big Hit

Big hit is produced with Low Resistance

*Food Grade Glass

Pyrex Glass used for the cartridge reservoir

*Ergonomic Mouthpiece Design

Ergonomic Mouthpiece Design to provide great vaping experience.

*Function Immediately

Get intended flavor and efficacy almost immediately without waiting

*Fit for A Wide Range of Viscosity

Standard oil intake hole sizes:

1.8mm for high viscosity without leakage

Other oil intake hole sizes available for customization

*Withstand High Watts

Withstand watts as high as 13 W without damaging Coil

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Reviews from Clients

3. Reviews from Clients on NQC1: 

NQC1 reviews2_

How it's packaged


4.How is NQC1 Packaged?NQC1 Packaging

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Testing Notes

5.Testing Notes on NQC1

Testing Notes

We write these testing notes in order to make sure our NQC1 cartridge makes your oil stand out instead of getting you into troubles, because the viscosity of extracts out there in the States differ among different oil manufacturers.

*Place qty order only after full testing and finding out the correct oil hole size version for your oil.

*Please make sure to test NQC1 with your oil for at least 1 week.

*Please test at least 10pcs of samples.

*Aspects youre supposed to take into consideration:

A. Leakage testing: Follow filling instructions, then put the cartridges upright for a week and see if there is any leakage.

B. Flavor testing: Use it as a normal user to feel the taste and see if it deliver the quality and integrity of your premium extracts.

C. Degrade testing: Use up the oil in the cartridge and see if the quality of vapor degrades.

D. High temperature testing: put the cartridge filled with your oil in your car in the sun for a whole afternoon and see if there is any leakage. This is what users usually do.


What we should do if there is negative result?

A. What if there is leakage?

Firstly,make sure you followed the filling instructions. If you already followed the filling instructions and there is still leakage, it means the oil hole size is probably too big for your oil. New samples with smaller oil hole size are supposed to be tested.

B. What if the flavor is not good?

To be frank, among all the samples we sent out, no customers complained about this yet.

But were still open to listen to you if by any chance there is bad flavor produced.

C. What if the flavor degraded too much while the oil is used up?

No feedback on this yet, either. But we are also open to your feedback and get to know what we can do to solve your problems.

D. What if it leaks after being kept in a car in the sun for a whole afternoon?

This is possible. If this happens,youre supposed to try smaller oil intake hole version and see.

If possible, give users notes not to do that.


US New Tariff Policy


6.US Government's New Tariff Policy

About The US Governments Tariff Increase towards Products from China.

*The US government is imposing 25% extra tariff on almost all products from china.

*Consult your government for the tariff increase information before you order.


Zero Risk Commitment

7.We Offer Unique Zero Risk Commitment to Protect Your Interest.

Zero Risk Commitment

We provide Zero Risk Commitment, because we keep Customers First in our hearts.

We're responsible for any failure products caused by us. NO EXCUSES 
*If the defect ratio is under 2% per order. Just tell us the quantity, we will send you replacements without asking any questions or requiring any pictures, texts etc before we send you replacements.

*If the defect ratio is over 2% or the problem is serious, just send the defective ones back to us with shipping cost on us. And we will send you free replacements immediately after confirming it. 

And all cost will be on us.  

*For the first order less than 100 (pcs or kits), if you find it not a salable product within one month and need your money back, though it's not a quality problem, you still have the right to get your money back. 

Send the goods back and we we will take care of the shipping cost, and send your money back without any reasons.   


How To Order

8.How to Order:


Please Write Down in the Following Dialog Box at the Bottom:

1.The Qty of Samples You Need To Test.

2.Whether Your Oil is Thick, Medium or Thin.


Then Click Send.

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NQC1 Quartz Coil

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