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  • The ZS® SLA520 & 660 series was based on SLA (Stereolithography Apparatus) technology, with diode solid state lasers for 3D printing. The laser irradiation on light cured resin then convert it to a harden slice layer, and model immerse into resin, then laser irradiation on next layer of model. The SLA technology can provide very good quality surface of model that compare to FDM technology. ZS® SLA520&660 series molding range that can printing that suitable for most applications.

  • If you need low or single run production of prototype parts for concept models, presentation models or tooling masters and you need them printed quickly and cost- effectively, choose ZS® SLA 3D Printers based on Stereolithography (SL).

  • ZS® SLA 3D Printers are ideal for the production of prototype parts that are required fast (hence rapid prototyping) and, depending on your exact requirement, parts can typically be produced within the same day.

  • ZS® SLA 3D Printers are easy to own and economical to operate in schools, offices, labs or design shops. Our range of professional 3D printers is the output tool of choice for designers, engineers, marketers, artists, architects and educators.

       SLA 3D Printer VS Traditional CNC engraving

  • Easy operate -- one people control 5~6 set machines

  • Cheaper of material -- photosensitive resin is cheaper 

  • It's easy to make a hollow model

  • Print intricate details with accuracy achievable up to 0.05mm. 

  • Quick printing mode and precision printing mode available.

  • less dust and smoother surfaces 



  • CAD/Cam-aided model making, prototyping, modeling, Polyurethane for modelling , dental model base

  • Due to the colour (rose) and the fast machinability especially suitable as model base

  • Trouble-free scanning due to the opaque and little reflective surfac












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Xiamen Zhisen Electro Equip Co.,Ltd,was found in 1997, which have been committed to research and develop polymer composite, Industrial grade SLA 3D printer(with Germany part), model and SLA 3D service.

At present ,We are a group company specializing in materials and equipment solutions for the automotive, mold, and model industries. We provide Tooling boards, photosensitive resin, SLA 3D printer, high-precision CNC equipment etc. Currently we have a Tooling board factory, an SLA 3d printer equipment factory and a CNC machine factory.Through our factories and with more than 20 years experience, we can provide professional and sincere service to all customers!



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