IBA Aluminum and copper recycling eddy current separator Non ferrous Metal Separator (60825169789)

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copper eddy current separator

Eddy current non ferrous metal separator

How eddy current separators work Eddy Current Separator consists of an external drum, an internal permanent magnetic rotor, a drive, and belt conveyor, that purify large bulk streams and separate non-ferrous metals for reuse.

copper eddy current separator

Eddy Current Separators have a conveyor belt system with a high-speed magnetic rotor at the end.The rotation speed of the magnets generates an induction field,creating a rapidly changing magnetic field, To cause a nonferrous metal to be temporarily magnetized.Causing them to be ejected.

latest eddy current separator


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copper eddy current separator



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Model Belt Width Belt Power Rotor Power Feeder Power Belt Speed Rotation Speed 
ECS-40P 450mm 0.75Kw 3Kw  (0.12+0.12)Kw 0-2m/s  0-3000rpm
ECS-65P 650mm 1.5Kw 4.0Kw (0.25+0.25)Kw 0-2m/s  0-3000rpm
ECS-80P 800mm 1.5Kw 4.0Kw (0.25+0.25)Kw 0-2m/s  0-3000rpm
ECS-100P 1000mm 2.2Kw  5.5Kw  (0.55+0.55)Kw 0-2m/s  0-3000rpm
ECS-120P 1200mm 2.2Kw  5.5Kw  (0.55+0.55)Kw 0-2m/s  0-3000rpm
ECS-140P 1400mm 2.2Kw  5.5Kw  (0.75+0.75)Kw 0-2m/s  0-3000rpm
ECS-160P 1600mm 2.2Kw  5.5Kw  (0.75+0.75)Kw 0-2m/s  0-3000rpm
ECS-180P 1800mm 2.2Kw  5.5Kw  (0.75+0.75)Kw 0-2m/s  0-3000rpm
ECS-200P 2000mm 2.2Kw  5.5Kw  (0.75+0.75)Kw 0-2m/s  0-3000rpm
ECS-220P 2200mm 2.2Kw  5.5Kw  (1.1+1.1)Kw 0-2m/s  0-3000rpm


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EJET China eddy current separator copper eddy current separatorFushun Ejet Magnetic Equipment Co., Ltd. It has been dedicated to sorting equipment for 17 years The company has rich experience in the development and production of eddy current separators, magnetic separators and various sorting equipment, and has obtained a number of patent certificates and has been recognized by many customers. On the premise of ensuring the quality of the equipment, our company has an annual production capacity of over 1,000 units.Has been exported to more than 20 countries including the United States, Australia, Canada,India, New Zealand, Germany, etc.


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copper eddy current separator

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1. Maintenance free of charge for 12 months .

2. We will provide the consumable parts at an agency price.

3. 24 hours online service, free technical support.

4. Machine has been adjusted before delivery, operation disk is included in the delivery. If there is any other questions, pls kindly tell me.

5. We have manual instruction and Videos for software Installation, operation and machine's using and maintenance; We will send professional technician to customers' factory, provide them two-weeks training, including working principle of machine, Auto CAD drawing, common problems and solution, etc.




1.What is the materials could be sorted by ECS?
Nonferrous Metal, such as aluminum, copper etc.
2. What is the maximum / minimum materials the ECS could separate?
The ECS could deal the minimum aluminum even 1mm to max as aluminum cans.
3. What is the producing capacity per hour?
It would be based on the different materials. The ECS belt width range from 650mm to 2200mm.
4. How about the separation rate?
It could be reach 98%-100%.


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