Guangzhou banner manufacturer wholesale display retractable design digital roll up rollup banner stand

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Product Overview


Guangzhou banner manufacturer wholesale display retractable design digital roll up rollup banner stand

Product Description

Roll up


Trade show


Tension fabric


roll up banner
ItemRoll up banner, pull up stand, retractable banner stand
TypeNormal base, medium base, luxury base, or custom
Base materialHigh quality aluminum alloy, silver
Graphic materialSynthetic paper, PVC film, double printed vinyl, heavy duty vinyl etc
Banner size(cm) W*H: 60*160, 80*200, 85*200, 100*200, 120*200, 150*200
Custom size(cm)Customize between50*200 ~ 240*200
PackageBlack oxford carry bag, 5 layers corrugated carton
Printing methodDigital printing, UV printing, heat transfer printing, high precision in 1440dpi

1. Alloy materials, simple shape, cheap cost

2. Lightweight and portable, convenient to transport, carry and storage

3. Easy to install, easy to operate

4. Can be used for many times, graphic can be replaced


Large shopping mall, market, hotel, supermarket, exhibition, recruitment meeting, wedding etc for advertising and promotion

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  • What is a retractable banner?
  • A retractable banner is a sign enclosed in a metal base that can then be pulled out of the base for display purposes. These banners are a great marketing and advertising tool for companies and their products or services, so you typically see them at a lot of trade shows and events. They are made for indoor use but can be used outside if used for shorter periods of time and not during harsh weather conditions.

  • Are retractable banners easy to move around?
  • Yes. Retractable banners are lightweight and portable, so they are easy for one person to move and reposition, as well as setup and takedown. We also provide a carrying case (the cases for standard, premium, and deluxe, banners differ and are explained in full detail in the previous question) with either a shoulder strap or handles that makes traveling with your banner to and from trade shows and other events as easy as carrying a lightweight duffle bag.

  • What materials can my graphic be printed on? What are the differences and advantages of these materials?
  • You can print your graphic on vinyl or fabric. Vinyl is the more affordable option of the two and has more of a matte finish, while fabric banners are more vibrant due to the coating applied to the fabric before printing. Vinyl is also a durable outdoor option since the material is water and fade resistant, but it can also be used indoors. Our fabric material is a great indoor option, and it’s also scratch resistant and has curl-free edges. Despite vinyl typically being used outdoors, if your end use is extended or permanent outdoor use we recommend our standard vinyl banners instead of a retractable banner with the vinyl option.

  • Can your retractable banners be double sided?
  • Yes! Our deluxe retractable banners are double sided so you can get your graphic on either side. You have the option to have one design on both sides of your banner stand or have separate different designs, one on each side of the stand. Our standard and premium retractable banners cannot be double sided. For those two options we only print on one side of the banner.

  • How is my graphic attached to the retractable banner?
  • After being digitally printed, the banner (vinyl and fabric) is then attached to the retractable portion of the banner stand which is found inside of the stand that sits on the floor. You then pull your banner up and out of the base unit before locking it into position with the adjustable pole.

  • Can I swap banners on the same stand?
  • Yes, whether you are using a vinyl or fabric banner you are able to switch out your banner. We strongly recommend having a professional exchange your graphics though because your retractable banner is spring-loaded and attempting to do this yourself without knowing how could cause damage to the stand and possibly injury as well.

  • Is there anything over the top of the graphic to protect it?
  • Nothing is printed over the top of your graphic. It is printed directly onto the vinyl or fabric material respectively.

  • How big is the banner area? Can this be changed?
  • It is important to understand the difference between the listed size of standard, premium, and deluxe banners and their viewable areas. The viewable area is slightly smaller in height due to some of your banner remaining in your base and the metal bar at the top of the display.

    Thus, the viewable banner area on a 24” x 81” standard retractable banner is 24” x 77”. The viewable banner area on a 33” x 81” standard retractable banner is 33” x 77”.

    The viewable banner area on a 36” x 92” premium retractable banner is 36” x 88”. The viewable banner area on a 48” x 92” premium retractable banner is 48” x 88”. The viewable banner area on a 60” x 92” premium retractable banner is 60” x 88”.

    The viewable area on both sides of the 33”x81” deluxe retractable banner is 33” x 77”.

    As can be seen for all of the banners the viewable area is 4” less than what the height indicates. The additional 4" of height is bleed that we will add to your design.

    This bleed area is noted on the design tool when “Retractable Banner” is selected by a dotted blue line at the top and a dotted blue line and the message “NON-VISIBLE AREA” at the bottom. As noted above, this is due to the fact that the four inches of non-viewable area is made up of one inch for the top bar and 3 inches of material that will stay within the stand at the bottom of your design. Simply make sure to keep your design within these two dotted lines and you will have no problems with your end design.

    Alternatively, the width (24”, 33”, 36", 48", 60", and 33”) on all of these areas is unchangeable. If, however, you would like to decrease the height on any of the premium sizes (36”, 48”, and 60”) or deluxe (33”) banners, you can simply leave the lower portion of your graphic blank. Then, when you pull your banner out of the base, you simply pull it up to where your graphic ends. Both premium and deluxe retractable banners can be adjusted to be as short as 70” in height as the support pole is telescopic in nature. Alternatively, the standard banners have a fixed height of 81” and the supporting pole isn’t able to be adjusted to a different height.

  • Do you offer different sizes for your retractable banners?
  • Yes, we offer a number of different sizes for your retractable banners. These sizes vary depending on whether the banner is a Standard, Premium, or Deluxe model. These sizes are listed below.

    Standard: 24” wide x 81” high and 33” wide x 81” high

    Premium: 36” wide x 92” high, 48” wide x 92” high, and 60” wide x 92"

    Deluxe: 33” wide x 81” high

    The height of your design can technically be decreased to 70” on the premium and deluxe retractable banners. Standard banners are a set height that cannot be decreased. The widths for all banners are unchangeable.

  • Can my design be smaller than the actual banner area?
  • Yes, technically you can make your graphics smaller than the area provided in the banner (see the question about banner areas two questions above). Simply leave the lower portion of your design blank or a solid color.

  • Do you print your retractable banners in one color or full color?
  • We currently print our banners in full color, meaning you are able to have the graphics on your banner printed in several different colors or just one if that’s all you need.

  • Do you do color matching with the graphics I upload?
  • We do not currently offer color matching on our retractable banners, but we typically hit or get extremely close to the colors you provide in your file.


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