Best selling Filter Press for water treatment PP chamber plate hydraulic compress filter for sale

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Product Overview



Hydraulic filter

Best selling Filter Press for water treatment  PP chamber plate hydraulic compress filter

Product Description

Design Feature:

(1)Using electric contact pressure gauge to maintain pressure.

(2) Filter plates is made of pure PP, do not contain other filler, not recycled material, high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali, non-toxic and tasteless.

(3)Automatic function can be added, such as auto plate shifting, auto cake discharge, auto cloth washing etc.

(4)According to the requirements of medicine, food and other industries, the machine frame can be coated with stainless steel.





Working Principle:

The filter press is composed of four parts, namely the frame part, the filtering part, the hydraulic pressure and the electric control part. Among them, the hydraulic pressure part of the filter press is composed of an oil cylinder, a piston, a piston rod, and a hydraulic station (motor, oil pump,  pressure gauge, oil circuit, fuel tank) connected by the piston rod and the pressure plate composition.


After the automatic filter press is pressed and maintained, under the action of pressure, the filter slurry is forced to pass through the filter medium, the solid particles are trapped on the medium, and the liquid passes through the filter medium, thereby achieving the purpose of separating the liquid from the solid.


Product advantages:

(1)Easy operation, stable, reliable structure,high degree of automation. .

(2)Fast filtration speed, high temperature and high pressure resistance.

(3)High efficiency, suitable for larger filtration area filter press.

Plate filter  (2)



Filter plate 3



Technical data of hydraulic compress filter press:

XY filter press 


About Toper


Zhengzhou Toper is the leading suppiler of industrial equipment in China,and also the professional exporter and service provider of filter and separation equipment.

We focus on full service for filtering project from design to after-sales service and fast supply of spare parts.







The leading supplier of industrial equipment in China.

The professional exporter and service provider of filter and separation equipment.

Our company supplies various types of filter press,centrifuge and relevant parts.



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All products of Toper:

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3. Hydraulic compress filter press

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18. Centrifuge of up discharge, three foot, clean series SSB, SB

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Other Filter Press

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Jack filter press


Round plate filter press

Round plate filter 


Our filter and separation equipments are widely used in:

mining,metallurgy,petroleum,chemical,environmnetal protection,

food,pharamcy,beverage,printing and dyeing,coal washing,sewage treatment,

ceramics,leather such industries.







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