Industrial Keratinase Enzyme for Cosmetics and Skincare

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Product Overview


    Habio Keratinase in Cosmetics and Skincare

  • Fermentation strain : Bacillus
  • With high activity of disulfide bond reductase and polypeptide hydrolase, Habio keratinase can effectively catalyze protein, especially keratin.


Definition of Activity

  One unit (U) of keratinase activity is defined as the amount of enzyme required to release 1 μg tyrosine per minute by hydrolyzing casein at 40℃ and pH 7.5 . 


Product Characteristics

1.wide range of operation temperature: 35-80 ; optimum temperature: 65℃;

2.wide range of operation PH: 7-12.5 ; optimum PH: 9.5;

3.PH resistance

4.trypsin-and pepsin-tolerance: keep staying at trypsin-pepsin solution for 5.5 hours, the enzyme             retention rate is more than 80%;

5.little influence by metal ions;

6.good thermastability and storage stability


Product Functions

 1.Cosmetics and skincare industry

To help active factors penetrate the skin barrier, remove excess keratin from skin, and achieve deep skin care.

 2.Other industries

High-efficient hydrolysis of keratin proteins; 

can be used in  manufacturing the organic fertilizers , improving the drugs permeability in keratin, enhancing the efficacy of skin topical drugs and other fields.


Specification and Usage (can be customized)




50,000U/g; 100,000U/g; 200,000U/g




Specific dosage and usage need to be determined according to the conditions of use



Package and Storage

   Sealed storage in original package, room temperature(less than 25 ) for 12 months for solid form, and 6 months for liquid form (less than 25 ).

   Avoid to be exposed to the sun, rain, high temperature and high humidity.


Solid form:  25kg/kraft-bag;     

Liquid form: 30kg/plastic barrel;    225kg/plastic barrel


About us>>> 

· More than 15 years experience in enzyme manufacturing; 

· Professional R & D team: more than 10 international and national patents and multiple national research projects; 

· Habio have been awarded the designation " National High-tech Enterprises" in 2015;

· Professional after-sales service: Efficiency, Punctuality, Technical suppot  (sales area covers over 30 countries including Asia, America and Europe)










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