Недорогой ленточный шлифовальный станок 2 'x 82' 1,5 кВт Многофункциональный 3 режима для изготовления ножей (60829785869)

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Cheap Belt Grinder Sander 2''x82'' 1.5kw Multifunction 3 Mode For Knife Making



This brand new Constant Speed Belt Grinder Machine is an ideal machine for stock removal, profiling, handles and finish work, satin or mirror finish. It is all steel construction, and all steel frame is welded at all joints that makes this sander very solid and precise belt control. Besides, it runs smooth and the tracking is very stable so it will not make a lot of noise.

The following points should reference:
1. According to reserve power line, please access the 220v or 380v power(user need to test positive and opposite turn for the 380v power at the first time).
2. According to different grinding types,user can choose from three different grinding wheel.
First, you need to insert the movable rod of grinding wheel,hanging on the belt and compressing the spring.
Second, you must pull the movable rod with maximum length.
Last, locking the handle.
3. User need to manually turn the belt a few laps, then the power can be switched on.you can adjust the knob slightly for making the wheel not to deviate.



The color of the Motor may be different from the picture shows, but it doesn't influence its function.




  • All steel construction, simple, solid & super smooth
  • All steel frame welded at all joints,very solid, precise belt control
  • 4 wheel design for reduced vibration
  • This set up is smooth running and the tracking is very stable
  • Every detail of this belt grinder is fabricated  for maximum performance,handling and precision
  • Reliable belt grinders designed specifically for precise detail work
  • Use for stock removal, profiling,handles and finish work,satin or mirror finish
  • Very Easy change over of  platen or wheel  / accessories quick release tool arm & tool rest,no tools needed
  • Easy adjustment of tool rest / tracking etc no sticky parts
  • Easy fast belt change - uses belts 2" X 82"
  • No noise

Please Note:No Control Box, and Cannot Add One by Yourself



Rubber Contact Wheel: PH 427 X 12" / 30CM
Rotating Speed: 2800r/min
Flat Platen: 6.35CM * 6.35CM / 2.5" X 2.5" (Big Wheels) Solid Aluminum Wheels
Motor: 2 HP
Knife Making And Steel Fabrication Belt: 5CM *208CM / 2" X 82"
Aluminum Contact Wheels: 6.35CM *5CM / 2.5" X 2"
Aluminum Tracking Wheel And Aluminum Drive Wheel: 10CM *10CM / 4" X 2"
Toothed Rubber Tire: 300mm
Concare Wheel: 25mm Diameter And 40mm Diameter
No Control Box

Packaging & Shipping

1 X 1.5kw Electric Machinery With All Copper Wire
1 X Toothed Rubber Wheel And Independent Movable Rod
1 X Flat Grinding Rack With Independent Movable Rod
1 X Concare Grinding Rack With Independent Movable Rod
2 X Concare Grinding Wheel

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