Micro camera quality inspection quality audit quality control inspection in fujian (60831036558)

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Product Overview


Micro camera quality inspection quality audit quality control inspection in fujian


Product Description

What can we do ?

On-site visit by our inspector,

Check the product appearance, weight and size, packaging, packing, logos, labbeling,

Assess the technical specifications for functionality, quality and performance,

Identify deviations and suggest all the necessary corrective actions,

Verification of the factory-estimated date of total quantity completion / shipment,

Taking photos at each stage of the inspection,

Control of the machinery, raw materials, materials and components used for the smooth execution of your order,

Ensure that the quality of products is maintained throughout the manufacturing phase, 

According to AQL standards or as per your requirements, depending on the product specifications and the export market.

Submit a complete english report within 24 hours.

This inspection can be customized upon request to match your expections perfectly.


Inspectors List

Inspection List:

BD inspectors (4).jpg


Service Team:


Inspection service Cover area:

We have over 80+ inspectors in different cities of China.As well as some cities of India, Thailand, Vietnam; Bangladesh.

Our Services

Service Introduction:


Factory Audit On-site:
Auditor visit supplier face to face: 
A.Basice info:Factory's building,area,workers,staffs,production lines,Equipments, 
B.Documents:Business Licence,Export Certificates etc 
C.Production Ability:factory's production lines,output ability.R&D ability 
D.QC system:Check the quality control system,Quality control process,records etc 
E.Production process:check the production process in workshop 
F.Products:Check products quality,Function,package,sample show room etc


Pre-shipping Inspection:
Inspector visit factory to check products from below area: 
1.Account order quantity if ready and correct 
2.Check package,prinint,logo,label.sticker,marks,barcode,shipping mark 
3.Check products appearance,finishing,outlook,artwork and pick out defects 
4.Do the related basic function test,operate test 
5.Check the special required point of clients asked 
6.Take video about products outlook and function 


Container Loading Check:
Check the whole Loading process,Ensure Full quantity and right products loaded, 
and inspector left only after the container Locked and truck left. 

Payment term:
Prefering pay via Alibaba;If pay via Paypal,Western Union,Bank Transfer,$10 handle fee will be charged

We garantee our inspection is Independently and professinally,
If approved our inspection is not correct, Max refund 2 times inspection cost

Order Process:
1.Buyer order inspection 3-5days in advance
2.We confirm order detail and inspection date with factory
3.Inspector check the goods as plan,Provide draft quick report in same day
4.Professional Report+Pictures+Videos provided in the next day
5.Saturday inspections,report provide on Monday

Company Information

About BD inspection

 BD inspection is a 9Years goverement approved inspection company in China

with over 80+inspectors in China different cities.Most of the cities we have inspectors can cover for inspection.

With 9years inspections service, well handled hundreds of products inspections and service for worldwide clients.

Our featured clients include:USAE,Evergreen ,Sanzi Group, GPMX, Luna Group, AAA world....

We look foward to cooperate with you .Pls visit our Official Website to Learn More :www.inspection.com.cn.


Our Advantages:

Goverment Approved third party inspection company 

-ISO9001:2008 certification company 

-6years Verified Memeber of alibaba 

-9years inspection experiences 

-80+Full time professional Inspectors Cover 120 cities of China, 

-Featured clients:HP,Schinider,JCPenny,Evergreen,USA Enterprises,Sanzi 

-Report+Pictures+Videos provide in next day,Draft report provide in same day

Our service Price:


Please contact me for more detail price.


1. Why do I need shipment inspections or factory audits?

A. In case of any Poor quality, incorrect shipments,unreal information from suppliers. Inspection is the mose efficiant way to protect buyers right.

2.What kind of Inspection services have?

Inspection include: Initial Quality Inspection, During production inspection, Preshipping inspection,Final Random inspection,Full quantity inspection, Container loading check and Factory Audit.

3.How to start the inspection?

Client send us the booking and book 2-3days in advance. We contact Factory to confirm the inspection. Client Confirm the inspection plan and pay. We perform the inspection and client get inspection report within 24hours.

4.What we need to provide you for inspection?

The Factory contact way, Products information as well as your special quality control requirement if you have.Some client will send approvded samples also

5.What information does the inspection report include?

A. Our written reports are very detailed, including accurate description of all defects and inconsistencies, statistic analysis based on the highly recognized AQL standard and plentiful spot pictures for illustration.A written report + Inspectoin video + Original pictures will provided with 24hours after inspection

6.What the Inspection rate?

A. BD Inspection's all-inclusive standard rate is USD188.00/Man-day in all cities of China except Hongkong,Taiwan. This standard rate covers up to 12 working hours per assignment (including traveling, inspection and report preparation). There is no extra charge for inspectors' transportation and accommodation expense.

7.How to pay?

Payment via Bank Transfer,Paypal,Western Union or Alibaba Escrow is acceptable.Inspection cost always need to be prepaid before inspection.

8.Do your inspection service Cover other countries out of China?

Yes.beside the inspection in China, we still have inspector to cover some main cities in India,Bangladesh,Vietnam and Thailand.

9.What is your Sample size of AQL standardard?


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