IALA 3NM Navaid Warning Beacon Solar Powered Marine Buoy Light

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Product Overview


IALA 3NM Navaid Warning Beacon Solar Powered Marine Buoy Light
This DWS303 has become one of the most classical and popular solar-powered aid to navigation Light around the world because of its self-contained, reliability and durability. Its flashing pattern complies with IALA Maritime Buoyage System and can be customized  up to 16 IALA flashing rhythms. It's completely sealed in order to make sure its waterproof IP67. It installs in minutes and requires no maintenance or servicing for up to five years.
Features and Benefits

Flashing IALA Rhythms  and its visibility up to 3NM

Available in red,amber, white and green. 
Turns on at dusk and off at dawn automatically.
Completely self-contained and waterproof IP67.
Individual dome can protect the solar panel and raise its efficiency.
Lens is polycarbonate with anti-UV which is produced by Bayer.
Manufactured to ISO9001:2015 QAS and certified CE.

Product Parameters
Main Specification
Light Output
360°; IALA Flashing rhythm.
Average Intensity
White 41cd; Red 32cd; Amber 27cd; Green 39cd
2~3NM at T=0.74
LEDs and its Lifespan
12 Pcs & Up to 50,000 Hours
Minimum Autonomy
140 Hours
IP67 Completely Sealed
Latitude Range
55°S to 55°N
Solar panel
Mono-crystalline; 1.5Wp; Efficiency 20%
Lens Material and Colors
Polycarbonate and White, Red, Green, Amber
Weight / Dimension
0.9Kg / 166mm*166mm*166mm
Temperature Range
-40℃ to +80℃
Quality Assurance
ISO9001:2015 and CE
Typical Application
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More Information
1. How to choose the flashing pattern?

The flashing pattern of DWS303 generally has been preseted one IALA Rhythm and can be expanded up to 16 IALA Rhythms if necessary. Please see the selecting switch in the bottom of this light and the four indicators at the side of the light,as shown above. 

For each color, there are lists of the 16 flashing patterns as in above Tables.

2.What is the difference of IP67 and IP68?

For solar lights,IP67 is the same as IP68.There are three reasons as follows:

• IP means Ingress Protection.The international safety standard for IP is IEC60529.IP codes have the format IP××,where the ×× represent numerals from the coding scheme(see Table 1 and Table 2);

Characterization of Ingress Limit
0 or X
Not evaluated
≥50.0 mm diameter object
≥12.5 mm diameter object
≥2.5 mm diameter object
≥1.0 mm diameter object
Table I.The first numeral in an IP code indicates the degree of protection from solid foreign objects.
Characterization of Ingress Limit
0 or X
Not evaluated
Dripping water:vertical
Dripping water:15°tilt
Spraying water
Splashing water
Jetting water
Powerful jetting water
Temporary immersion
Continuous immersion
Table II.The second numeral in an IP code indicates the degree of protection from moisture.

• In all practical applications,it is impossible for a solar light to immerse under water for long time because it couldn't be charged in such case.So IP68 for solar lights is nonsense.

• No solar light can pass through the IP68 testing for sure,because it can't be charged for a long time under the water.The IP68 expression in a solar light only be speculation gimmicks and attempts to mislead users.

3.Is there other installing adapter for DWS303?

In general, when the latitude of DWS303's site is less than 40 degrees, the color of its Lens is the same as its lighting source. Usually the lamp with IALA Rhythms consume more power. Therefore when the latitude of its site is more than 40 degrees, it is suggested that its clear Lens should be chosen but the light source still is colored in order to work it better.
For example, Yellow Lens & Yellow lighting source of DWS303 had better become Clear Lens & Yellow lighting source when its latitude is more than 40 °.
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