Blown Glass Hot Sale Beautiful Long Stem Flowers

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Blown Glass Hot Sale Beautiful Long Stem Flowers

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This colors use for this glass flower 
its beautiful color and the natural color for the animal. This is new design. 

This glass flower stand can use for decoration at home, office, bar, restaurant and many other places.

This colored glass flower can use as a gift because looks beautiful and very suitable for gift.




Art Glass 


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Carton or wooden package


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Company Information


Zibo Shanglin Culture Technology Co.,Ltd located in the origin of Chinese colored glaze, Zibo city. Our company is specialized in blowing craft glass and colored glaze. We have plenty of fantastic design, can be made based on customers requirement.

Our company always insists on the memo of 100% perfect productand sells high quality product all over the world.

Furthermore, we actively attend to decoration for villas, hotels, restaurants and other luxurious buildings. We win great reputation because of our good quality, management and working attitude.

Customers satisfaction is target; Reality and innovation is spirit; and High quality and magnificent art glass is our promise.


Art Glass History

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1. “Boshan is the hometown of glaze, and the roots of glaze culture and art are in Boshan. No matter from the skill or the cultural accumulation, other places are incomparable.”


2.There are many kinds of glass craft products in Boshan, mainly including beads, enamel, drums, cigarette holders, beasts, flower balls, stationery, vases, painted snuff bottles, and silk.


3.According to records, in the Yuan Dynasty, Boshan glass production has formed a certain scale. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, Boshan entered a new development.



Trade Shows

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Every year we participate in a variety of well-known arts and crafts exhibitions at home and abroad.

If you are interested in our products, you can wait until the show to go to our showroom.

We welcome and look forward to your visit.

You can tell us in advance.


Packaging & Shipping



a.Pack with bubble paper 

b.Independent carton Packaging

c.Packed with wooden frame

We support a variety of modes of transport, sea and air transport can be, according to your request to choose the appropriate mode of transport.



Production Process

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(1) Melting raw materials The various pigments required are smelted into the furnace to rotate the molten glass on the iron bars.

(2) Picking materials The glass body was taken out from a conventional furnace of more than 1400 degrees of high temperature and taken out from a 1.5-meter-long blown cylinder.

(3) Blowing After being taken out of the stove, it is continuously rotated and shaped. The temperature of the glass taken out from the stove is high, and the softness of melting of the glass is mastered, and it takes a few seconds to form.

(4) Molding In the modeling process, the masters need to blow in the blower in the hand to ensure the shape of the glass. Because the scale is difficult to handle, the yield is extremely low.

(5) Annealing After the glass is formed, the masters should put the fired glass into the insulation kiln, more than 500 degrees, and keep it for 4 days. If the glass bottle does not burst, it means that the glass has been re-formed.





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