Farm Tractor 3 point mounted rotary tiller

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Driven soil tillage machine with rotary cutter teeth as working part, also known as rotary cultivator. According to the configuration of rotary knife shaft, it can be divided into two types: horizontal axis type and vertical axis type. The horizontal rotary tiller with knife shaft horizontal is widely used. The classification has a strong ability of crushing soil, one operation can make the soil fine, the soil and fertilizer mixed evenly, the ground level, and meet the requirements of dry land sowing or paddy field planting, which is helpful to improve the working efficiency and make full use of the power of the tractor when fighting for agriculture. But for the residual stubble, the mulching ability of weeds is poor, the depth of ploughing is shallow (1216 cm in dry tillage and 1418 cm in water tillage), and the energy consumption is high. Mainly used in paddy fields and vegetable fields, but also used in orchard tillage. Heavy horizontal rotary tillers can reach 2025 cm deep and are mostly used to reclaim shrubbery, swamps and grass wastelands 






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