FRP Composite Material SMC Fiberglass Cable Support/cable support brackets fiberglass frp

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FRP Composite Material SMC Fiberglass Cable Support

Combined Fiberglass Cable Support is consisting of cable bracket, column and fixing pin.The length of column can be cut  according to the needs. FRP cable support bracket is available in various specifications to meet different lengths and load requirements.

--------------- Installation Method of Combined Fiberglass Cable Support--------------

1. According to the width of cable trench, cable channel and cable model size to select the bracket specifications.

2. Insert the expansion bolts (m12×100 or 120mm) into the groove of the column according to the design requirements.

3. Insert the cable bracket into the column groove,and ensure the hole on the bracket aligned with the hole position on the side of the column groove, pull through fixing pin.

4. Horizontal spacing of the same side bracket is about 80cm,and the double-sided brackets are staggered to ensure balanced loading of the bracket.

5. It should be from bottom to top when laying the cable,and horizontally dragged when dragging the cable .

-----------------------The Features of Fiberglass Cable Support--------------------------

1. Fiberglass cable support is with high strength and lightweight, the weight is only 1/4 of the steel, about 1/10 of the concrete pipe, convenient transportation and simple construction.

2. Fiberglass cable support do not damage the cable because of smooth surface and small friction coefficient.Also it can prevent eddy currents because of Integral insulation, no electric corrosion.

3. Fiberglass cable support have a wide using environment, can be used in wet or water for a long time because of good water resistance,

4. Fiberglass cable support is heat-resistant, cold-resistant and fireproof. It can be used at -50 °C to 130 °C.

5. Fiberglass cable support have long service life, anti-corrosion, no rust, maintenance-free and so on.

6. Fiberglass cable support have no recycling value(anti-theft).

7. Fiberglass cable support have excellent insulation, and the bracket itself does not need to be grounded, which can reduce the amount of labor and installation and reduce the cost.

--------------------------Fiberglass Cable Support in Different Type----------------------

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