New Listing mini 12 egg hatching machine /chicken egg incubator EW9-12

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Product Overview


New Listing mini 12 egg hatching machine /chicken egg incubator EW9-12

Product Parameter
Model item
12 chicken eggs,35 bird eggs
Transparent Grey And White
Temperature Control (LS-HS)
Temperature Alarming (AL-AH)
Humidity Alarming (AS)

Automatic temperature control
Automatic egg-turning
Automatic alarming
Automatic temperature 

1* Egg incubator
1* Plug
1* Manual
1* Package with foam inside

Product Details
Product Tip

1.How to use incubator at first time?

1. Test your incubator to see if it functions properly.
2.Connect the egg turner plug to the control plug inside the egg compartment.
3. Fill one or both water channels depending on local humidity levels.
4. Set the eggs with the pointy side down.
5. Close the lid and switch on the incubator.
6. Press the reset button (left green button) to reset and start the day counter from "0".(this will also rest the egg turning countdown back to 1:59)
7. Keep an eye on the humidity reading and fill the water channels when needed. (normally every 4 days)
8. At day 18 you should remove the tray with the turning mechanism and place the eggs on top of he bottom grid.
9. At the same time it is important to fill water channels to increase the humidity. (this is very important to ensure that the eggshells are soft enough for the chicks to break through.)
10. Don't open the lid frequently when the chicks start to hatch, you could fill water through kettle. If you do, the loss of humidity will cause the eggshells of the unhatched eggs to dry out and they won't able to break through the egg.

2.Pay more attention on incubator

1.Please turn off power every time before opening lid of machine
2.Please add water everyone to two days; always maintain aproper humidity
3.The eggs for hatching must be fertilized eggs
4.Make sure incubator is set in a room where temperature doesnot change often (don't place near doors)
5.Make sure to candle eggs within the first week to see which eggs have begun development
6.When opening lid off incubator do not let eggs sit as eggsbeing chilled by cold air can kill the chick inside the egg

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1.Q: What must the temperature and humidity be inside my incubator?

A:This is plain and simple, yet the MOST important part of hatching.Fan Forced incubator: 37.5 degrees C measured anywhere in the incubator.Humidity: 55% for the first 18 days, 60-65% for the last 3 days in the hatcher.

2.Q:How must I store eggs?

A:Your eggs need to settle for at least 24 hours if they came through the post. This allows the air cell inside the egg to return to its normal size. Eggs should always be stored with the pointy end down while they are "in the hold". It's a good practice to follow and it will help your hatch!If you receive eggs that are getting old, you may only let them settle overnight.

3.Q: How to ensure that I received the machine undamaged?

A: At first , our package is standard for shipping, before sign in, please confirm product undamage, otherwse, pls contact with us within 2days, we've bought insurance for you, we or shipping company will be responsible!

4.Q:There are too many models, i don't know which one to choose.

A: Welcome to contact us through TradeManager,we will recommend according to your requirement. If during closing time or weekend,Please send mail to us,we will response within 24 hours.

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